Pest Control Sample Clauses

Pest Control. Tenant agrees to report any pest issues to Landlord for necessary remediation. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to keep the Dwelling clean; if Tenant consistently lives in an unsanitary environment, Tenant acknowledges and accepts that Landlord is limited in its ability to address the pest situations, and Tenant waives the right to hold Landlord responsible for continual issues. When inhabiting the Dwelling, Tenant agrees to inspect the house for fleas, bedbugs and termites to the best of Tenant's ability. Tenant shall notify Landlord prior to move-in if Tenant has recently lived anywhere that had a bed bug infestation and Landlord may require Tenant to have all furniture or other personal property of Tenant inspected by a pest control specialist prior to move-in at Tenant’s expense. After Tenant has returned the Unit Condition Form, and if Tenant has not made mention of the aforementioned pests, Tenant will be responsible for all costs associated with pest control for the Dwelling. If Landlord confirms the presence or infestation of bed bugs after Tenant vacates the Dwelling, Tenant may be responsible for the cost of cleaning and pest control treatments. If Landlord must move other Neighborhood residents in order to treat adjoining or neighboring dwellings to the Dwelling, Tenant may be liable for payment of any lost rental income and other expenses incurred by Landlord to relocate the neighboring residents and to clean and perform pest control treatments to eradicate infestations in other dwellings.
Pest Control. Pests can pose significant problems to people, property, and the environment. All universities are located in areas where pests can be present. Furthermore, many retail products on the market may not be effective against some pests, such as bedbugs. However, Housing & Dining Services is committed to an effective and efficient response to Residents who report pests such as roaches, bedbugs, mice, or any other insect or vermin in rooms, units, or other parts of communities. Regular pest control measures include inspections, structural and housekeeping controls, and material treatments as needed. Housing & Dining Services reserves the right to enter and treat any living space as required for pest control/management. To report a pest sighting, and instead of using pesticides themselves, Residents must contact the Graduate & Family Housing Office or the Facilities Office at 303.735.5555 as soon as possible. Residents will not be refunded housing charges when pest control is being done to their rooms, and Residents may be moved to other housing as necessary, including on a permanent basis. Notwithstanding anything in this provision to the contrary, the university may terminate this Lease if it is required to remediate bedbugs more than twice.
Pest Control. Tenant shall also be responsible for all pest control within the Premises.
Pest Control. It is understood and agreed that the Lessor is responsible for providing pest control measures and pesticides, which conform to local health department regulations, to keep the premises free from pests and in a tenantable condition.
Pest Control. Our facilities are located in a rural setting. Insects and animals are a part of this environment. No refunds or abatements in the rent will be made due to the presence of such insects or animals.
Pest Control. The Lessor shall maintain the premises in a condition that is free of pests, rodents, and other vermin.
Pest Control. Landlord shall provide pest control for the Leased Premises and the Building of which the Leased Premises is a part.
Pest Control. Resident agrees to report any pest issues to Management for necessary remediation. It is the responsibility of the Resident to keep the Premises clean; if Resident consistently lives in an unsanitary environment, Resident acknowledges and accepts that Management is limited in its ability to address pest situations, and Resident waives the right to hold Management responsible for continual issues. If Resident fails to promptly report pest control issues, including presence of bed bugs, Resident will be responsible for remuneration for resultant costs. Cimex Lecturalis, or the common bedbug, poses a serious issue to common living spaces nationwide. In a proactive effort to keep our communities, please adhere to the following terms.
Pest Control. If pests are found in Your Space, You must comply with instructions of any University- contracted pest control professional to prevent the re-occurrence of pests. If You fail to follow those instructions and the pests return, You will be responsible for the cost of any additional pest control.
Pest Control. Tenant shall, at its own cost, retain a licensed, bonded professional pest and sanitation control service to perform inspections of the Premises as needed for the purpose of eliminating Infestation by and controlling the presence of insects, rodents and vermin and shall promptly cause any corrective or extermination work recommended by such service to be performed. Such work shall be performed pursuant to a written contract, a copy of which shall be delivered to Landlord by Tenant upon request.