Flexible Spending Account Sample Clauses

Flexible Spending Account. The parties agree that the State shall have the right to use State Employee Health Plan funds to cover the administrative costs of operating the medical and dependent care flexible spending account programs.
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Flexible Spending Account. It is the intent of the Employer to maintain during the term of this Agreement a plan for medical and child care expense accounts to be available to employees in this bargaining unit who are eligible for Employer-paid premium contribution for health insurance for such expenses, within the established legal regulations and IRS requirements for such accounts.
Flexible Spending Account. Employees shall be eligible for participation in the Port of Seattle’s Flexible Spending account program. Eligibility and participation of employees shall be subject to the terms and conditions of such plan including any plan amendment, revision or possible cancellation. It is further agreed that content of the plan itself, plan administration and any determination made under the plan shall not be subject to the grievance or to any other Provision of this Addendum or to negotiation by the Union.
Flexible Spending Account. The City will provide a Flexible Spending Account program (tax deferred employee contribution that can be applied to specific expenses, e.g. child care and dependent orthodontic work).
Flexible Spending Account. The College will make available to employees, at their option, an Internal Revenue Service Code Section 125 Flexible Spending Account. The plan will be established, administered, and communicated to employees by the State without cost to the employees.
Flexible Spending Account. The Employer will provide an opportunity to employees to voluntarily participate in a flexible spending account, subject to Internal Revenue Service Code Section 125. Employees may choose to set aside an amount from their paychecks, which is not taxed. This money can be set aside only in a medical and/or dependent care account for payment of eligible expenses.
Flexible Spending Account. During the Term, Employee shall be eligible for an annual Flexible Spending Account of $15,000.00 to be utilized for financial planning, tax advice/preparation, estate planning, legal fees associated with estate and/or property matters, automobile lease, automobile payments (monthly payments only), annual country club dues and health club memberships.
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