Tests Sample Clauses

Tests. For determining that the Bus Terminal conforms to the Maintenance Requirements, the Independent Engineer shall require the Concessionaire to carry out, or cause to be carried out, tests specified by it in accordance with Good Industry Practice. The Concessionaire shall, with due diligence, carry out or cause to be carried out all such tests in accordance with the instructions of the Independent Engineer and furnish the results of such tests forthwith to the Independent Engineer. One half of the costs incurred on such tests, and to the extent certified by the Independent Engineer as reasonable, shall be reimbursed by the Authority to the Concessionaire.
Tests. 7.7.1 If the Contract Documents, laws, ordinances, rules, regulations or orders of any public authority having jurisdiction require any portion of the Work to be inspected, tested or approved, the Contractor shall give the Architect timely notice of its readiness so the Architect may observe such inspection, testing or approval. The Contractor shall bear all costs of such inspections, tests or approvals conducted by public authorities.
Tests. Diagnostic tests include but are not limited to: • electrocardiograms (EKGs), • electroencephalograms (EEGs), • nerve conduction tests, • neuropsychological testing, and • sleep studies. Labs and Pathology Diagnostic labs and pathology include but are not limited to: • blood tests, • urinalysis, • pap smears, and • throat cultures. For tests, labs and imaging associated with Preventive Care Services and Early Detection Services, please refer to that section, and see the Summary of Medical Benefits for the amount you pay. Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment This plan covers diagnostic testing and long-term antibiotic treatment of chronic Lyme disease in accordance with R.I. General Law § 27-20-48. To be covered, services must be ordered by your physician after evaluation of your symptoms, diagnostic test results, and response to treatment. Coverage for Lyme disease treatment will not be denied solely because such treatment may be characterized as unproven, experimental, or investigational.
Tests. 14.1.1 At least 30 (thirty) days prior to the likely completion of the Bus Terminal, the Concessionaire shall notify the Independent Engineer of its intent to subject the Bus Terminal to Tests. The date and time of each of the Tests shall be determined by the Independent Engineer in consultation with the Concessionaire, and notified to the Authority who may designate its representative to witness the Tests. The Concessionaire shall provide such assistance as the Independent Engineer may reasonably require for conducting the Tests. In the event of the Concessionaire and the Independent Engineer failing to mutually agree on the dates for conducting the Tests, the Concessionaire shall fix the dates by not less than 10 (ten) days’ notice to the Independent Engineer.
Tests. 34.1 If the Engineer instructs the Contractor to carry out a test not specified in the Specification to check whether any work has a Defect and the test shows that it does, the Contractor shall pay for the test and any samples. If there is no Defect the test shall be a Compensation Event.
Tests. Based on the AUPs, the Asset Representations Reviewer shall review the Required Documents to determine whether, for each Reviewable Receivable, (a) there was evidence that the applicable Test for such Reviewable Receivable was satisfied, (b) there was evidence that the applicable Test for such Reviewable Receivable was not satisfied or (c) the Test could not be completed as a result of missing or insufficient Required Documents for a Reviewable Receivable. Each Test shall be performed individually. The Asset Representations Reviewer may, at its sole discretion, review additional information that is not required for the Asset Representations Review as defined by the AUPs, but it is not required to do so.
Tests. The Design Professional shall select and engage additional consultants and testing firms as necessary to perform surveys, geotechnical evaluations, including but not limited to borings, and test pits, as well as chemical or mechanical tests, or other tests proposed by the Design Professional. The Design Professional shall require that all tests called for in the Contract Documents be performed, and the Design Professional shall not be liable for errors on the part of the laboratory, engineer, surveyor, or other testing service. The Owner shall pay for all such tests as a reimbursable expense when approved by the Owner in advance.
Tests. The sample of cement to be used in works shall be tested for fineness, soundness, consistency, setting time, and compressive strength in order to exercise proper control on quality in the manner as per following Indian Standards: Test IS specifications * Fineness by dry sieving 4031 (Part-I) -1998 * Fineness, Xxxxx air permeability 4031 (Part-II)-1998 method * Soundness by: Xx-Xxxxxxxxx method * Consistency 4031 (Part-IV)1998 * Setting time 4031 (Part-V)1998 * Compressive strength 4031 (Part-VI)1998 The temperature for testing shall be 27+2o C as far as possible.