AND MAINTENANCE. In the event that a permanent employee is successful in a job posting and is reclassified to a new permanent or temporary position, he will receive pay as follows:
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AND MAINTENANCE. 15.1 University shall diligently prosecute and maintain the United States patents comprising University Patent Rights using counsel of its choice. University counsel shall take instructions only from University. University shall provide Licensee with copies of all relevant documentation so that Licensee may be informed and apprised of the continuing prosecution. Licensee agrees to keep this documentation confidential. [***] THE CONFIDENTIAL PORTION OF THIS AGREEMENT HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO A REQUEST FOR CONFIDENTIALITY.
AND MAINTENANCE. City shall maintain, operate and control the wastewater treatment facilities in a manner that will satisfy effluent and receiving water requirements of the State and Federal governments. City shall use 0077 reasonable diligence to provide regular and uninterrupted services to County, but shall not be liable for damages, breach of contract or otherwise to County for failure, suspension, diminution or other variations of service occasioned by or in consequence of any cause beyond the control of City.
AND MAINTENANCE. An eligible full-time caretaking and maintenance employee shall be entitled to two working dayssick leave for each month of service with the Board and shall be entitled to accumulate of the unused portion of this sick leave credit allowance as at December each year, the total of such accumulation not to exceed two hundred and forty (240) days. Effective January an eligible caretaking and maintenance employee who is scheduled to work regularly fewer than hours per week shall be entitled to the proportion of two eight hour working days sick leave per month that their normal weekly hours of work bear to hours per week and taken to the nearest eighth of a day, and shall be credited with such sick leave for each month of service with the Board subsequent to the effective date of this article. Each employee shall be entitled to accumulate of the unused portion of sick leave credit allowance as at December each year but the total of such accumulation shall not exceed the proportion of eight hour working days that their normal weekly hours of work bear to hours per week.
AND MAINTENANCE. 7.01 Except as otherwise provided in this Article 7, PHS agrees to take responsibility for, but to consult with, the Licensee in the preparation, filing, prosecution, and maintenance of any and all patent applications or patents included in the Licensed Patent Rights and shall furnish copies of relevant patent-related documents to Licensee.
AND MAINTENANCE. .. . The password fundamental to maintaining the Integrity of the State Board of Control's automated an individual's identity, establish and prevent unauthorized-system access. Proper password Is to maintaining the or those to retrieve information from computers will by words that are familiar to the computer operator. With this in mind, ail should adhere to the following when selecting or altering passwords: DO not use names or in the password, Use passwords that are at least five names of spouses, children, or long. family pets. Avoid using prominent people names as the Governor, President or Consider using words from foreign languages, or letters phrase a book, magazine,.or Dc not use numbers, numbers in the As password all personnel have the following password responsibilities: System Administrator the System and . .- if a dces not work. This . . if you believe a
AND MAINTENANCE. The Company shall, on or before the first day of December in each year, designate number of employees who will be permitted to take vacations during each month of the following year. All employees shall sign for their vacations in the order of seniority and, having shall take their vacations in accordance with such signing. At the end of each day during the vacation sign-up, the Company will update a listing which specifies available vacation weeks.
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AND MAINTENANCE. 24 A. CONTRACTOR, its officers, agents, employees and subcontractors shall, throughout the term 25 of this Agreement, prepare, maintain and manage records appropriate to the services provided and in 26 accordance with this Agreement and all applicable requirements, which include but are not limited to:


  • USE AND MAINTENANCE (a) Lessee shall: (1) use the Equipment solely in the Continental United States and in the conduct of its business, consistent with Lessee's past practice, and shall not permanently discontinue use of the Equipment; (2) operate, maintain, service and repair the Equipment, and maintain all records and other materials relating thereto, (i) in accordance and consistent with (A) the Supplier's recommendations and all maintenance and operating manuals or service agreements, whenever furnished or entered into, including any subsequent amendments or replacements thereof, consistent with Lessee's past practice, (B) the requirements of all applicable insurance policies, (C) all applicable laws, and (D) the prudent practice of other similar companies in the same business as Lessee, but in any event, to no lesser standard than that employed by Lessee for comparable equipment owned or leased by it; and (ii) without limiting the foregoing, so as to cause the Equipment to be in good repair and operating condition and in at least the same condition as when delivered to Lessee hereunder, except for ordinary wear and tear; (3) not change the location of any Equipment as specified in the Equipment Schedule without prior written notice to Lessor; (4) not attach or incorporate the Equipment to or in any other item of equipment in such a manner that the Equipment may be deemed to have become an accession to or a part of such other item of equipment; and (5) cause each principal item of the Equipment to be continually marked, in a plain and distinct manner, with the name of Lessor followed by the words "Owner and Lessor," or other appropriate words designated by Lessor on labels furnished by Lessor. (b) Within a reasonable time, Lessee will replace any parts of the Equipment which become worn out, lost, destroyed, damaged beyond repair or otherwise permanently rendered unfit for use, by new or reconditioned replacement parts which are free and clear of all liens, encumbrances or rights of others and have a value, utility and remaining useful life at least equal to the parts replaced. Title to all replacement parts and permanent improvements, or attachments to the Equipment which cannot be removed without damaging the Equipment, immediately shall vest in Lessor, without cost or expense to Lessor or any further action by any other person, and such parts, improvements and additions shall be deemed incorporated in the Equipment and subject to the terms of this Lease as if originally leased hereunder, if such parts are essential to the operation of the Equipment or cannot be detached from the Equipment without materially interfering with the operation of the Equipment or adversely affecting the value, utility and remaining useful life which the Equipment would have had without the addition thereof. Lessee shall not make any material alterations to the Equipment without prior written notice to Lessor, provided that such material alterations do not adversely affect the value, utility and remaining useful life which the Equipment would have had without the addition thereof. (c) Upon forty-eight (48) hours' notice, Lessee shall afford Lessor access to the premises where the Equipment is located for the purpose of inspecting such Equipment and all applicable maintenance or other records at any reasonable time during normal business hours; provided, however, if a default or Default shall have occurred and then be continuing, no notice of any inspection by Lessor shall be required.

  • Repairs and Maintenance It is the responsibility of the Tenant(s) to notify the Landlord immediately of any needed repair or unsafe condition existing around or in the Premises including but not limited to cracks in the foundation, cracks in plaster, moisture in walls and ceiling, buckling sheetrock or siding, or any leaks. If Xxxxxx(s) fails to immediately notify Landlord of visible problems, which result in damage to the unit, then Tenant(s) becomes liable for cost of resultant damage. All repairs necessary to maintain premises shall be done by or under the direction of the Landlord, at the Landlord’s expense, except those caused by negligence or acts of Tenant(s), Tenant’s agents, or invitees, which repairs shall be made at the sole cost of the Tenant(s). Such repairs shall be made to conform to the original condition of the Premises at the time the Tenant(s) took possession. Although the Landlord repairs normal wear and tear items, the adage “you broke it you pay to fix it” applies to the Tenant(s) and it applies during tenancy as well as at the end of tenancy. In addition, if a Tenant(s) calls for maintenance for which no such maintenance is needed (false call), Tenant(s) will be charged for the service call. Any repairs, including labor, material, and parts used, which are the responsibility of the Tenant(s), must be pre-approved in writing by the Landlord. Landlord shall be the sole judge as to what repairs are necessary. Landlord shall have no obligation to repair any defective condition, nor shall any defense or remedy be available to the Tenant(s), where the defective condition complained of was caused by the Tenant, Xxxxxx’s family, invitee, licensee, or other person acting under the control or direction of the Tenant(s), or where the Tenant unreasonably fails to notify the Landlord of the condition or allow the Landlord access to the Premises for purposes of the repair. Before exercising any of the remedies in accordance with the Landlord-Tenant Act, Tenant(s) must be current in rent. Tenant(s) shall be responsible for all broken glass. Tenant(s) shall not paint, re-wallpaper, or otherwise redecorate or make alterations to the Premises without the written consent of the Landlord. If written consent is given, such alterations shall be at the expense of the Tenant(s) and shall become part of the Premises and the Owner’s property upon termination of this Lease and tenancy. Tenant(s) shall not permit any act or thing deemed hazardous by Landlord due to potential risk of fire or which will increase the rate of insurance on said Premises. In case the Premises or surrounding areas shall be damaged by fire, rain, wind, or other cause beyond the control of the Landlord or the Tenant, then the Premises or surrounding areas shall be repaired within a reasonable time at the expense of the Landlord; and in case the damage is so extensive as to render the Premises unfit for human habitation, the rent shall cease until such time as the Premises will be put in repair. In case of total destruction, the rent shall be paid until the time of such destruction and from thenceforth this Lease Agreement shall cease and come to an end. In the event, the damage is caused by the act of the Tenant(s), or someone in or on the Premises by reason of Tenant’s permission or consent, there shall be no reduction of rent and Tenant(s) shall be liable for all costs of repair. Should Landlord notify Tenant(s) of intent to clean, replace carpets or paint the Premises, moving furniture and wall hangings shall be the duty and expense of the Tenant(s). Tenant(s) understands there will be no rent reductions, adjustments, or other compensation due to repairs or interruptions of service except as provided by law.

  • Construction and Maintenance There are on-going maintenance, renovation and construction projects taking place in and around the residences. The work typically takes place during regular business hours, but may begin earlier or extend into evenings or weekends. On-going construction or renovation projects will continue through midterm and final exam periods. The University will take measures to ensure that prudent construction practices are followed, but there may be noise, dust and temporary interruption of some services. Residents may be required to temporarily or permanently relocate to facilitate construction or renovation to their residence area. There will be no compensation or reduction to your residence fees due to disruption and/or relocation.

  • Road Maintenance Purchaser shall maintain roads, commensurate with Purchaser’s use, in accor- dance with Road Maintenance Requirements in C5.31 and the Road Maintenance Specifications. Performance of road maintenance work by Purchaser may be required prior to, during, or after each period of use. The timing of work accomplishment shall be based on Purchaser’s Op- erating Schedule under B6.31. When two or more commercial users are simultane- ously using the same road where Forest Service is not requiring maintenance deposits, the commercial users will develop maintenance responsibilities and arrangements for accomplishing the work. Forest Service must agree to this plan. If the commercial users cannot agree on main- tenance responsibilities, Forest Service shall resolve the differences. If Purchaser elects to use different roads than those listed in C5.31, Forest Service shall determine Pur- chaser’s commensurate share of road maintenance and revise road maintenance deposits in C5.32. If Forest Service cannot perform its full commensu- rate share of road maintenance, Forest Service shall make a cash payment to Purchaser for performance of such work. Unless agreed in writing, prehaul maintenance shall be completed on any portion of road prior to hauling on that portion. Maintenance, as used in this contract, does not include road reconstruction or repairs of an extraordi- nary nature.

  • Repair and Maintenance Except in the case of damage to or destruction of the Leased Premises, the Building, the Outside Areas or the Property caused by an act of God or other peril, in which case the provisions of Article 10 shall control, the parties shall have the following obligations and responsibilities with respect to the repair and maintenance of the Leased Premises, the Building, the Outside Areas, and the Property.

  • Outages and Maintenance In the event that a Registry Operator plans maintenance, it will provide notice to the ICANN emergency operations department, at least, twenty-four (24) hours ahead of that maintenance. ICANN’s emergency operations department will note planned maintenance times, and suspend Emergency Escalation services for the monitored services during the expected maintenance outage period. If Registry Operator declares an outage, as per its contractual obligations with ICANN, on services under a service level agreement and performance requirements, it will notify the ICANN emergency operations department. During that declared outage, ICANN’s emergency operations department will note and suspend emergency escalation services for the monitored services involved.

  • Operations and Maintenance Pursuant to Section 10.5 of this Agreement, Developer shall pay the reasonable expenses (including overheads) for the operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and incremental operating and maintenance expenses incurred in association with System Upgrade Facilities, if and to the extent provided for under Attachment S. For Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities, such expenses are calculated as follows:

  • Operation and Maintenance 17.1 O&M obligations of the Concessionaire

  • Support and Maintenance Where Licensee purchases support and/or maintenance services, Licensee’s initial support and/or maintenance term will begin upon delivery to Licensee of the Licensed Software and continue for one (1) year thereafter (or the length of the term if less than a year for any subscription/term license) unless otherwise specified in the applicable annual support and/or maintenance agreement, Product Order, or other written agreement executed between Licensor and Licensee. Where Licensee purchases support and/or maintenance for any Licensed Software, Licensee hereby agrees that it shall purchase such support and/or maintenance services for all of Licensee’s licensed units of such Licensed Software product. Support and/or maintenance services provided by Licensor will be subject to Licensor’s then current applicable standard annual support and/or maintenance agreement unless otherwise agreed by the parties in writing.

  • Prosecution and Maintenance Each party retains the sole right to protect at its sole discretion the Intellectual Property and Technology owned by such party, including, without limitation, deciding whether to file and prosecute applications to register patents, copyrights and mask work rights included in such Intellectual Property, whether to abandon prosecution of such applications, and whether to discontinue payment of any maintenance or renewal fees with respect to any patents included in such Intellectual Property.

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