Not recommended Sample Clauses

Not recommended. We don’t recommend using your card as a guarantee of payment, for example as a deposit for hotels, cruise lines or car rental. As these retailers will not know how much your final bill will be, they will estimate it and place a hold on the estimated amount. If you choose to use your card as a guarantee of payment, you will not be able to access or spend the amount the retailer estimated during the hold period. We will release any funds held as soon as we are made aware of the exact amount of the transaction. Payments at bars, restaurants and automated petrol pumps When using your card: • at certain retailers, including bars and restaurants, and you don’t authorise the transaction with chip and PIN or contactless method, you will need to have a card balance equal to the bill amount PLUS up to 20%; • to buy fuel at an automated fuel pump, you must have a minimum balance on your card. This is to ensure there are sufficient funds available to cover the final cost of the transaction (and any tips) and to reduce the risk of a negative balance on your card. If your actual spend is less than the additional amount added, it may take up to 7 days from the date of the transaction before the difference is available to spend. We will only deduct the actual final bill amount from your card. Toll booths, car park vending machines and in-flight payments You may not be able to use your card at some toll booths, car park vending machines and on board cruises or planes. This is because some of these retailers cannot obtain an online authorisation from us.
Not recommended. 4. Indian Red Cross Society Old Age Home (OAH) Distt. Br. Damoh Audited Accounts do not reflect adequate expenditure in running the project. Not Recommended.
Not recommended. The Xxxx shall state reasons for the given rating. The rating shall be made on Form P-5. The Xxxx shall forward the recommendations for all applicants together with all the supporting materials for the college’s recommended candidates to the Xxxxxxx/VPAA no later than the fourth Friday in February. A copy of the rating, with reasons, and rank assigned to the promotion application shall be simultaneously provided to each applicant.
Not recommended. VIA E-MAIL Attach only high-resolution PDFs to e-mails. You must include either a low-resolution PDF proof or mail a hard copy for us to compare against the files. E-mail files to NOTE: If you send any via e-mail and do not receive an acknowledgment from Worth, please contact us. and not accepted Native files are not acceptable. You are responsible for converting the ad to a 213-PAGE FULL PAGE TRIM: BLEED:
Not recommended. Add Option: Primrose Center Road (Double Seal)(700'x18'x2) Oak Grove Road to Bridge. $4,200.00 This proposal may be withdrawn if not accepted and received by CONTRACTOR within 20 days of the date above and/ or at any time before performance of the work hereunder upon CONTRACTOR'S determination that the PURCHASER is not creditworthy.

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