Improvement Plan definition

Improvement Plan means the plan required by the Authority from the Supplier which shall detail how the Supplier will improve the provision of the Goods and/or Services pursuant to Clause 29.1.1 (Authority Remedies);
Improvement Plan means a plan developed by the Evaluator of at least 30 calendar days and no more than one school year for Educators with PTS who are rated unsatisfactory with goals specific to improving the Educator’s unsatisfactory performance. In those cases where an Educator is rated unsatisfactory near the close of a school year, the plan may include activities during the summer proceeding the next school year.
Improvement Plan means an overall plan by which the governing body proposes to effect improvements within an improvement district to preserve property values, prevent deterioration of urban areas, and preserve the tax base of the municipality, and includes an overall plan by which the governing body proposes to effect improvements within an improvement district in order to encourage and promote private or public development within the improvement district.

Examples of Improvement Plan in a sentence

  • Risk Assessment:There is a detailed risk register being developed alongside the detailed action plan to support the SEND Improvement Plan.

  • The system of governance, leadership and management is a key factor in successful delivery of the organisational purpose and strategic objectives.A continued priority for the year was the completion of the Board’s Governance Improvement Plan.

  • A Community Health Improvement Plan, or CHIP, is an action-oriented strategic plan outlining the priority health issues for a defined community, and how these issues will be addressed, including strategies and measures, to ultimately improve the health of the community.

  • Other areas of concern identified for our community include: • Aging Population• Tobacco (substance abuse)• Social Determinants of Health (includes access to care)• Mental Health/Suicide These secondary priorities along with other issues are certainly part of our community health fabric and warrant attention, but this particular Community Health Improvement Plan will address recommended strategies for the core priorities.

  • Community Health Improvement Plan TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY COMMUNITY HEALTH IMPROVEMENT PLAN (CHIP)AUGUST 2013 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS‌This document was developed by Transylvania County Department of Public Health, Transylvania Regional Hospital, and Land of Waterfalls Partnership for Health as part of a community-wide action planning process.

More Definitions of Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan has the meaning given to it in paragraph 4.5 of Schedule 7.1 (Performance Benchmarks);
Improvement Plan means the plan that a teacher and Evaluator mutually develop for a teacher who receives an overall rating of "Needs Improvement" or "Ineffective" on the Summative, a rating of Unsatisfactory on the Student Improvement Component (Component Five) on a Summative, and may be developed if a teacher’s overall performance is unsatisfactory during an observed lesson.
Improvement Plan means an individual judicial improvement plan developed and implemented pursuant to section 13-5.5-110.
Improvement Plan means an individual judicial
Improvement Plan. It is a document written for the purpose of support and professional development of the faculty in specifically identified areas needing improvement. Plans must include the following elements:
Improvement Plan means an improvement plan referred to in section 119;
Improvement Plan means a document issued by the Commonwealth to the Entity under clause 6 that sets out directions with which the Entity is required to comply in order to improve its level of compliance with the Qualification Criteria or the terms and conditions of this Agreement to a level and specification which at all times will be at the discretion of the Commonwealth;