Operator Sample Clauses

Operator. 6.1 The initial Operator shall be Terry Loney, which shall continue as operator until changed pursuant to section 8.2 or by a decision of the Management Committee with parties representing Interests of 75% or more voting in favour. If the Operator has failed to perform in a manner that is consistent with good mineral exploration and development practice or is in default of its duties and responsibilities under this Agreement, and the Management Committee or the other party has given to the Operator written notice setting forth particulars of the Operator's default and the Operator has not within 30 days of such notice commenced to remedy the default and thereafter to proceed continuously and diligently to complete all required remedial action the other party shall become the Operator.
Operator. 11.1 After the execution of this Agreement, Mobridge, or at Mobridge's option, its respective associate or nominee or such other unrelated entity as it may determine, will act as the operator of the Claim under this Agreement. Mobridge, if operator, may resign as the operator at any time by giving 30 calendar days prior written notice to Laronde, and within such 30 day period, Mobridge may appoint another party who covenants to act as the operator of the Claim upon such terms as Mobridge sees fit.
Operator. To the extent the Operator is not the Concessionaire, the Concessionaire represents and warrants as follows: To the best knowledge of the Concessionaire: (i) the Operator is duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the state of its organization; (ii) the capital stock of the Operator (including options, warrants and other rights to acquire capital stock) is owned by the Persons set forth in the written certification that the Concessionaire delivered to the City prior to the date of this Agreement; (iii) the Operator has the power and authority to do all acts and things and execute and deliver all other documents as are required hereunder to be done, observed or performed by it in connection with its engagement by the Concessionaire; (iv) the Operator has all necessary expertise, qualifications, experience, competence, skills and know-how to perform the System Operations in accordance with this Agreement; and (v) the Operator is not in breach of any applicable Law that would have a material adverse effect on the operations of the System or any Operator.
Operator. The Party designated in Article 4.1 (Designation of the Operator), a successor Operator selected under Article 4.5 (Selection of Successor Operator), and, if applicable, a substitute Operator selected under Article 4.2 (Substitute Operator).
Operator. All employees are eligible to progress to the highest skill levels (three specialties) within the Operator category provided that they successfully complete the previous skill level and demonstrate the ability to adequately perform the skill required. In the event that training opportunities are limited, the most senior employee shall have first opportunity. Progression and training from Operator to Specialized Operator will require the existence of a vacancy in the Specialized Operator category and shall be on the basis of seniority, skills and abilities. Progression and training from Supporter to Specialized Operator shall be on the basis of seniority, skills and abilities. However, prior to promoting and training an employee in the Supporter category directly to Specialized Operator, the Company will ensure that there is no employee in the Operator category with greater seniority who possesses the required skills.
Operator. The Operator shall be the only person responsible, on behalf of the Consortium, for conduct and development of all activities of Exploration, Assessment, Development, Production, and decommissioning of the facilities under the Agreement. The Operator is the only member of the Consortium that, on its behalf and within the limits defined by the Operating Committee, may execute agreements, enforce or undertake expenditure commitments, and take other actions related to the development of the activities of Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas in the Contract Area. The Operator shall be responsible for representing the Consortium before regulators, inspecting authorities, and other external entities. The Operator shall represent the Consortium Members judicially and extrajudicially. The Operator of this Agreement shall have at least a thirty percent (30%)-share in the equity rights and obligations of the Consortium in the Contract Area. The Operator may resign its position, being subject to the conditions required by ANP. The Operator shall: act in compliance with this Agreement, the Applicable Laws and Regulations, and determinations of the Operating Committee; conduct the Operations in a diligent, safe, and efficient manner, pursuant to the Best Practices of the Oil Industry, having No Loss or Gain in its capacity of Operator; notify the Operating Committee and ANP of any Discovery inside the Contract Area, according to Section Twelve of the Agreement; conduct the Operations with Exclusive Risks pursuant to Section IV of this Annex; prepare the Work and Budget Programs and other documents to be submitted to examination of the Operating Committee, under the terms of this Agreement; prepare and send to ANP, after definition of the Operating Committee, the plans, programs, and reports required by the regulator; issue the Authorization for Expenditure to develop the activities approved by the Operating Committee in the Annual Work Program and call for contribution to pay the Consortium expenses; render accounts to the Consortium, as established under this Agreement and by the Operating Committee; obtain the relevant legal licenses and permits required to conduct the operations in the Contract Area; provide the non-Operator Consortium Members with access to the facilities and records of the Operations, upon their prior request; undertake responsibility for the payment of the Royalties payable on behalf of the Contractors; represent the non-Operator Consortium ...
Operator. 5.1 Thunder shall act as Operator for so long as its Interest is 50% or more. If Thunder ’s Interest is less than 50%, the Management Committee shall select a party, if it so consents, to be the Operator.