All Records Sample Clauses

All Records. During the term of this Contract and for eight (8) years following termination of this Contract, the Contractor shall maintain records sufficient to: (1) document performance of all acts required by statute, regulation, rule, or this Contract; (2) substantiate the Contractor's statement of its organization's structure, tax status, capabilities, and performance; and (3) demonstrate accounting procedures, practices, and records which sufficiently and properly document the Contractor invoices to DSHS and all expenditures made by the Contractor to perform as required by this Contract. The Contractor shall maintain and retain cost reports and supporting records, and trust accounts established pursuant to RCW 74.46.700, as provided by RCW 74.46.060 and 74.46.080.
All Records. Xxx X. Xxxxx shall collect and maintain all relevant records of Xxx X. Xxxxx, its successors and assigns, and tenants related to each of the economic development considerations and incentives and performance requirements as stated in this Agreement. Xxx X. Xxxxx, during normal business hours, shall allow the County reasonable access to review these records on Xxx X. Xxxxx’x premises, but the confidentiality of such records and information shall be maintained by the County unless disclosure of such records and information shall be required by a court order, a lawfully issued subpoena, or at the direction of the Office of the Texas Attorney General. Furthermore, the County shall not be allowed to remove any records from Xxx X. Xxxxx’x premises and Xxx X. Xxxxx reserves the right to have a representative present at all times during any review by the County.
All Records. The properties and interests specified in the foregoing paragraphs (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f) are herein collectively called the “Properties” and individually a “Property”; provided, however, that the Properties shall not include any of the Excluded Assets.
All Records. To the extent that the Collateral is not subject to the UCC, each Debtor collaterally assigns all of such Debtor's right, title, and interest in and to such Collateral to the Secured Party to secure the payment and performance of the Secured Obligations to the full extent that such a collateral assignment is possible under the relevant law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, to the extent that any Debtor owns equity interest in a Foreign Subsidiary, such Debtor's grant of a security interest in or collateral assignment of any rights with respect to such equity interests shall not exceed 65% of the total equity interest in such Foreign Subsidiary.
All Records. (5) A duly executed Assignment and Assumption of Contracts in the form attached hereto as Exhibit D; and
All Records. As used in this Agreement, “Records” means all records, documents, data and files (in every format) in Seller’s possession, or in the possession of any of its agents or service providers, at Closing to the extent related to or utilized by Seller or such agents or service providers to administer, reflect, monitor, evidence or record information respecting the business or conduct of any of the Branch Offices and all such records and documents, data and files (in every format) respecting (A) the Assets (including, with respect to the Loans, all documents executed or delivered in connection with such loan or loan participation, any and all collateral held as security therefor or in which a security interest, lien or mortgage has been granted and any and all guarantees, insurance and credit enhancements and rights of interest relating thereto), (B) the Deposits and Other Liabilities and (C) the Employees (except confidential employee records which Seller is legally not permitted to transfer to Purchaser and for which consents to release such records to Purchaser shall not have been obtained from the relevant employee after commercially reasonable efforts by Seller to obtain such consent), including all such records maintained on electronic or magnetic media in an electronic data base system of Seller or any of its agents or service providers, or to comply with any applicable federal or state law or governmental regulation to which the Deposits are subject, including but not limited to Federal Reserve Board Regulation E (12 C.F.R. §205), Federal Reserve Board Regulation CC (12 C.F.R. §229) and the escheat and unclaimed property laws of the State of Colorado; provided, however, that for the purposes of this Section 1.1(a)(v), Records shall not include any federal, state, local or foreign income Tax records (including Tax Returns and supporting work papers) covering any period or transaction of Seller or any of the Assets, Branch Offices and Assumed Liabilities.
All Records. FRANCHISEE shall prepare and maintain all Records during the Term and for an additional period of not less than three years after the Termination Date or any longer period required by Applicable Law.