Periodic Reports Sample Clauses

Periodic Reports. The Sub-Adviser shall (i) render to the Board such periodic and special reports as the Board or the Adviser may reasonably request; and (ii) meet with any persons at the reasonable request of the Adviser or the Board for the purpose of reviewing the Sub-Adviser’s performance under this Agreement upon reasonable advance notice.
Periodic Reports. (a) After the end of each fiscal year, the Depositor shall cause to be prepared an annual report on Form 10-K for the Up-MACRO Holding Trust containing financial statements prepared by the Depositor and audited by Independent accountants engaged by the Depositor. The annual report shall contain such information as shall be required by applicable laws, rules and regulations and may contain such additional information as the Depositor or the Administrative Agent determines shall be included. The Depositor shall file such annual report with the SEC in such manner as shall be required by applicable laws, rules and regulations.
Periodic Reports. The SEC Reports have been filed with the Commission on a timely basis. The SEC Reports, including, without limitation, any audited or unaudited financial statements and any notes thereto or schedules included therein, at the time filed (or in the case of registration statements, solely on the dates of effectiveness) (except to the extent corrected by a subsequent SEC Report) (a) did not contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state a material fact required to be stated therein or necessary in order to make the statements therein, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading and (b) complied in all material respects with the applicable requirements of the Exchange Act and the Securities Act, as the case may be.
Periodic Reports. The Guarantor shall provide to the Preferred Securities Guarantee Trustee such documents, reports and information as are required by Section 314 (if any) and the compliance certificate required by Section 314 of the Trust Indenture Act in the form, in the manner and at the times required by Section 314 of the Trust Indenture Act. Delivery of such reports, information and documents to the Preferred Securities Guarantee Trustee is for informational purposes only and the Preferred Securities Guarantee Trustee's receipt of such shall not constitute constructive notice of any information contained therein or determinable from information contained therein, including the Guarantor's compliance with any of its covenants hereunder (as to which the Preferred Securities Guarantee Trustee is entitled to rely exclusively on Officers' Certificates).
Periodic Reports. At least once during each Contract Year, We will send You a statement of the account activity of the Contract. The statement will include all transactions which have occurred during the accounting period shown on the statement. This Contract shall be incontestable after it has been in force for a period of two years from the Contract Date during Your lifetime or during the lifetimes of each of the persons who are required to provide Us with information concerning their age, sex and identity. The incontestability of this Contract applies to any statements You make, except as otherwise stated in the Misstatement of Age or Sex provision. Accurate statements as to Your age, sex and identity are required as a condition of issuing this Contract. NONPARTICIPATING This Contract does not share in Our surplus.
Periodic Reports. For a period of three (3) years after the date of this Agreement, the Company shall furnish or make available to the Representative copies of such financial statements and other periodic and special reports as the Company from time to time furnishes generally to holders of any class of its securities and also promptly furnish to the Representative: (i) a copy of each periodic report the Company shall be required to file with the Commission under the Exchange Act and the Exchange Act Regulations; (ii) a copy of every press release and every news item and article with respect to the Company or its affairs released by the Company; (iii) a copy of each Current Report on Form 8-K prepared and filed by the Company; (iv) a copy of each registration statement filed by the Company under the Securities Act; (v) a copy of each report or other communication furnished to stockholders and (vi) such additional documents and information with respect to the Company and the affairs of any future subsidiaries of the Company as the Representative may from time to time reasonably request; provided, that if the information requested is confidential information that is not publicly available, the Representative shall sign, if requested by the Company, a Regulation FD compliant confidentiality agreement which is reasonably acceptable to the Representative and Underwriters Counsel in connection with the Representative’s receipt of such information. Documents filed with the Commission via its EXXXX system shall be deemed to have been delivered to the Representative pursuant to this Section 3.9.1.
Periodic Reports. 6 SECTION 2.5 Evidence of Compliance with Conditions Precedent.....................6 SECTION 2.6 Waiver of Events of Default..........................................6 SECTION 2.7 Notice of Events of Default..........................................7 SECTION 2.8 Conflicting Interests................................................7
Periodic Reports. The Company will complete and file any periodic reports required by the Act or the law of any other jurisdiction in which the Company is qualified to do business.