Reports Required Sample Clauses

Reports Required. The Recipient agrees to provide to FTA, and to others if FTA so directs:
Reports Required. The recipient shall submit progress and financial reports to the Program Officer and Grants Officer identified in section D of Article II of this agreement, in the quantities and on the due dates shown below. Reports Required
Reports Required. Franchisee’s schedule of charges, contract or application forms for regular Subscriber service, policy regarding the processing of Subscriber complaints, delinquent Subscriber disconnect and reconnect procedures and any other terms and conditions adopted as Franchisee’s policy in connection with its Subscribers shall be filed with the City upon written request. Upon written request by the City, Franchisee shall provide a copy of reports for monitoring Franchisee’s compliance with the terms of this Franchise and Applicable Law.
Reports Required. (A) Grantee is expressly exempted from and relieved of compliance with the following Section 5.15.320 of the City’s Cable Communications Ordinance. In lieu thereof Grantee shall be subject to the requirements set forth below.
Reports Required. (a) The Superintendent shall require, and the employee shall promptly furnish, a report containing sufficient information to enable the Superintendent to determine that the leave is being utilized in the approved manner. In the event the Superintendent shall find that the employee is not fulfilling the agreement, the entire sum paid to the employee shall become immediately due and all future payments shall cease.