Additional Information Sample Clauses

Additional Information. 1. Each institution will determine the satisfaction of their individual program and degree requirements. Both institutions agree to accept transferrable courses from each other and from other regionally accredited institutions. SC courses indicated with an * are required for EMU’s BBA in any Business Major. Substitutions for these courses must be approved by the EMU program coordinator.
Additional Information. 3.1 The laws of Singapore will apply to how this Contract will be read and to the rights the parties have under this Contract.
Additional Information. At our request, you will provide further documentation verifying the source of the money used to purchase the Note.
Additional Information. Furnish Agent with such additional information as Agent shall reasonably request in order to enable Agent to determine whether the terms, covenants, provisions and conditions of this Agreement and the Notes have been complied with by Borrowers including, without the necessity of any request by Agent, (a) copies of all environmental audits and reviews, (b) at least thirty (30) days prior thereto, notice of any Borrower’s opening of any new office or place of business or any Borrower’s closing of any existing office or place of business, and (c) promptly upon any Borrower’s learning thereof, notice of any labor dispute to which any Borrower may become a party, any strikes or walkouts relating to any of its plants or other facilities, and the expiration of any labor contract to which any Borrower is a party or by which any Borrower is bound.
Additional Information. The Seller shall have delivered to the Issuer such information as was reasonably requested by the Issuer to satisfy itself as to (i) the accuracy of the representations and warranties set forth in Section 4 of this Agreement and in Section 6.1 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement and (ii) the satisfaction of the conditions set forth in this Section 5.
Additional Information. Such other material additional information regarding the business, affairs and condition of the Borrower as the Administrative Agent may from time to time request, including, without limitation, as soon as available but in any event not less than 45 days after the end of each fiscal quarter of the Borrower, schedules, in form and substance satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, with respect to the Borrower and its Subsidiaries on a Consolidated basis, of recorded liabilities, unfunded commitments, contingent liabilities, any off balance sheet financings including synthetic lease transactions and sale-leaseback arrangements and other similar material items, in each case, covering such quarter. Documents required to be delivered pursuant to Section 6.01(a), (b) or (h) (to the extent any such documents are included in materials otherwise filed with the SEC) may be delivered electronically and if so delivered, shall be deemed to have been delivered on the date (a) on which the Borrower posts such documents, or provides a link thereto on the Borrower’s website on the Internet at the website address listed on Schedule 1.01(a); or (b) on which such documents are posted on the Borrower’s behalf on an Internet or intranet website, if any, to which each Lender and the Administrative Agent have access (whether a commercial, third-party website or whether sponsored by the Administrative Agent); provided that: (i) the Borrower shall deliver paper copies of such documents to the Administrative Agent or any Lender upon its request to the Borrower to deliver such paper copies until a written request to cease delivering paper copies is given by the Administrative Agent or such Lender and (ii) the Borrower shall notify the Administrative Agent and each Lender (by fax transmission or other electronic mail transmission) of the posting of any such documents and shall provide to the Administrative Agent by electronic mail electronic versions (i.e., soft copies) of such documents. The Administrative Agent shall have no obligation to request the delivery of or to maintain paper copies of the documents referred to above, and in any event shall have no responsibility to monitor compliance by the Borrower with any such request by a Lender for delivery, and each Lender shall be solely responsible for requesting delivery to it or maintaining its copies of such documents. The Borrower hereby acknowledges that (A) the Administrative Agent and/or an Affiliate thereof may, but shall no...
Additional Information. For further information on IRAs, you may wish to obtain IRS Publication 590-A, Contributions to Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), or Publication 590-B, Distributions from Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), by calling 1-800-TAX- FORM, or by visiting on the Internet.
Additional Information. Furnish such additional information and statements, as Lender may request from time to time.
Additional Information. Furnish such additional information and statements, lists of assets and liabilities, agings of receivables and payables, inventory schedules, budgets, forecasts, tax returns, and other reports with respect to Borrower's financial condition and business operations as Lender may request from time to time.
Additional Information. Each of the parties agrees to provide to the Securities Administrator such additional information related to such party as the Securities Administrator may reasonably request, including evidence of the authorization of the person signing any certification or statement, financial information and reports, and such other information related to such party or its performance hereunder.