Time Limits definition

Time Limits. All days referred to in this Article shall mean calendar days. Time limits provided herein may be extended or delimited by mutual agreement. Failure of the Administration to respond to any grievance within the specified time limits of this Article shall mean that the grievant(s) and/or GEO may take said grievance to the next level of the grievance procedure. Failure of the grievant(s) to abide by the time limits set forth in this Article shall result in the grievance being deemed settled on the basis of the last written decision made during the grievance procedure by the Administration. Any grievance that was filed prior to the end of the semester and has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the grievant(s) and/or GEO prior to the conclusion of the semester shall continue to be processed in accordance with the provisions of this Article, except that the time limits of this Article may be mutually adjusted so as to ensure the availability of all necessary parties to the dispute. Such mutual agreement shall not be used by either party to delay unnecessarily the processing of any grievance not settled prior to the end of the academic year. If mutual agreement is not reached on adjustment of the time limits, the provisions of this Article shall remain whole.
Time Limits. If the stipulated time limits are not met by the District, the grievant shall have the right to appeal the grievance to the next step. If the stipulated time limits are not met by the grievant, the grievance is deemed satisfied and may not be appealed further. The parties involved, may, by mutual written agreement, modify time limits contained in the procedure. The District and the Alliance shall receive copies of such agreements.
Time Limits. Time Limits provided in this procedure may be extended by mutual agreement when signed by the parties involved in the grievance. Failure on the part of the employer (at any step of this procedure) to communicate the decision on a grievance within the specific time limit shall permit the grievant to lodge an appeal at the next step of this procedure. Any grievance not advanced by the grievant from one step to the next within the time limits of that step shall be considered withdrawn. Reprisals: No reprisals of any kind will be taken by the employer against any employee because of his/her participation in any grievance.

Examples of Time Limits in a sentence

  • Rule 1007-7 Lists, Schedules, Statements, and Other Documents; Time Limits [Interim] * * * * *(b) Schedules, Statements and Other Documents Required.

  • Welfare Time Limits: State Policies, Implementation, and Effects on Families.

  • CPIA s 5, 12; Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996 (Defence Disclosure Time Limits) Regulations 1997 (Eng) reg 2-5.

  • Welfare Time Limits: An Update on State Policies, Implementation, and Effects on Families.

  • Time Limits The time limit to complete the MBA programs is 5 years.

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Time Limits. Any time limit set forth in the grievance procedure may be extended only by mutual written agreement. If either party fails to meet the time limits set forth in this Article without a mutual extension, the grievance shall be decided in favor of the other party without precedent.
Time Limits. A grievance to be considered to have been brought in a timely fashion must have been brought to the attention of the immediate supervisor or the designated District administrator (in the case of the Association’s grievance) within fifteen (15) days from the time when the employee or Association knew or should have reasonably known of the occurrence of the act which is the subject of the grievance. Included in these fifteen (15) days are the informal discussions with the immediate supervisor and Level One of the grievance process if the issue is not resolved by informal discussions.
Time Limits. Any veto given by, or on behalf of, either of the Director or Secretary of State must be received by or on behalf of the Executive Committee:-
Time Limits. With respect to this Article the following time limits are established. Any grievance not presented in writing as provided above within 30 days after the member knew or should have known of the facts on which the grievance is based will be waived for all purposes. In addition, if any other steps or actions provided for in this Article are not taken or appeals therein provided for not taken or filed or notice not given within the time limits therein specified, then the grievance will be deemed finally closed and settled on the basis of the Employers’ last answer. If the Employer fails to meet a given time limit, then the grievance will be presumed to move to the next level. Time limits may be extended by mutual agreement between the Federation and the Employer. With respect to this Article, the term “day” will exclude those days which fall between the last contract day of the quarter and the first contract day of the next quarter, as defined in the Board adopted instructional quarter. For purposes of this Article, quarter will mean fall, winter, spring and summer.
Time Limits. The deadlines specified in this Article are critical and must be adhered to unless extended by written agreement. All references to days mean those when the Central Office is open, which is every day except weekends, New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and emergency closures. Should the District not abide by the times limits, the grievant/Federation may advance the grievance to the next step. Should the grievant not abide by the time limits, the grievance shall be deemed moot.
Time Limits. The bargaining unit members who fail to comply with the established time limits at any step will forfeit all rights to the further application of the grievance procedure for the alleged violations of this Agreement. Each party agrees to make every effort to complete action on grievances within the time limits of this procedure; however, with the written consent of all parties, the time limitation for any step may be extended. Presentation: An employee may present a grievance during regular work hours. An individual processing a grievance shall follow the procedures of this section, and the adjustment must be consistent with the terms of this Agreement. The grievant shall have the right to the presence of a CSEA representative at all steps, at all conferences, and during any and all discussions and/or proceedings concerned with processing or adjusting the grievance.
Time Limits. The time limits of this grievance and arbitration procedure shall be strictly adhered to. If the employee or the Union fails to advance the grievance within the specified time limit, the grievance will be deemed abandoned and the Employer will have no further obligation to process or arbitrate the grievance. If at any step of the grievance procedure the Employer does not formally respond as provided herein, it will be assumed that the Employer has rejected the grievance, and that the next step of the grievance procedure shall be available.