Selection of the Sample Clauses

Selection of the. Appointed Companies to invite to tender
Selection of the permanent arbitrators shall be as follows:
Selection of the. LoTSSM to be Repaid If less than all the LoTSSM are to be repaid on any Repayment Date (unless the LoTSSM are issued in the form of a Global Security or held by the Property Trustee), the particular LoTSSM to be repaid will be selected not more than 60 days before such Repayment Date by the Trustee, from the Outstanding LoTSSM not previously repaid or called for redemption, by lot or such other method as the Trustee shall deem fair and appropriate and which may provide for the selection for redemption of a portion of the principal amount of any LoTSSM; provided that the portion of the principal amount of any LoTSSM not repaid will be in an authorized denomination (which will not be less than the minimum authorized denomination). The Trustee shall promptly notify the Company in writing of the LoTSSM selected for partial repayment and the principal amount thereof to be repaid. For all purposes hereof, unless the context otherwise requires, all provisions relating to the repayment of LoTSSM will relate, in the case of any LoTSSM repaid or to be repaid only in part, to the portion of the principal amount of such LoTSSM that has been or is to be repaid. LoTSSM registered in the name of the Company, any Affiliate or any Subsidiary thereof will not be included in the LoTSSM selected for repayment except to the extent no other LoTSSM remain or would remain outstanding.
Selection of the employee to fill the position shall be based upon ability and seniority. The following criteria will be used to determine the ability of a Trooper to carry out the varied responsibilities associated with being a Resident Trooper. A. Selection Process
Selection of the grid type for the reference grid Out of these most common grid topology types discussed in the previous section, a radial feeder was chosen. The usage of radial feeders allows the adjustment of parameters easily without any topology changes. The achieved results of such investigations, where only grid parameters are changed and load/consumption data is kept constant, uncertainties are rather negligible or eliminated. Therefore the interpretation of the results is expected to be simplified and clearly compared to calculations in various networks where the topology could also have an impact on the results. Should there be a specific test case for interoperability testing that has not been thought of when choosing the grid topology, that requires a not radial feeder type of grid, then an adaption of a radial feeder grid topology to other grid topologies has a massively lower amount of effort than it would be the other way around. For example, in order to generate a circular grid topology for the reference grid one simply has to connect the final nodes of two branches of a radial feeder grid topology. Analogically by connecting multiple final nodes of a radial feeder grid type one generates a meshed network. Figure 46: Exemplary depiction of a typical LV Network. This specific grid can be found in Germany [10] Figure 47: Exemplary depiction of a typical LV urban network. This particular grid can be found in Greece [10] Figure 48: Exemplary depiction of a typical rural LV network. This specific grid can be found in Portugal [35] Below, Figure 49 presents benchmark LV network model which was developed on the basis of the CIGRE benchmark network which is commonly used for researches on smart grids and RES integration. The network is supplied by 400kVA distribution transformer, 20/0,4kV. It is common size transformer used in LV urban networks (250 kVA are also common). Three cable feeders deliver energy to three areas: household, industrial and commercial. The first feeder can carry the larges current, 250A per phase, while two next can carry 160A. Some of the loads are supplied directly from the feeder but some of them are supplied via another power lines connected to the feeder. Cables and protection equipment parameters are presented on the scheme. In the first area (household) we can distinguish two types of loads according to the size: single residential consumers and apartment building. The model assumes that each supplied building ensure for potential EV, a...
Selection of the celebrant The priests of Saints Xxxxx and Xxxx Xxxxxx prepare and officiate weddings of parishioners of Saints Xxxxx and Xxxx Xxxxxx. All other couples shall secure the services of a priest or deacon and complete the requirements for marriage preparation. If one of the SS. Xxxxx and Xxxx Xxxxxx priests is requested to officiate, it will be subject to his availability. Before a wedding can be placed on the calendar of SS. Xxxxx and Xxxx Xxxxxx, the priest(s) or deacon(s) who will officiate the wedding and/or coordinate marriage preparation must send confirmation (fax, letter or e-mail) that he commits to officiate at the wedding and/or is assuming responsibility for the couple’s preparation. The couple must also submit a completed wedding agreement with payment. [Please Note. – We do not “tentatively” schedule weddings on the Saints Xxxxx and Xxxx Xxxxxx calendar.]
Selection of the assisting teacher shall be as follows:

Related to Selection of the

  • Duration of the processing of personal data Processing by the processor shall only take place for the duration specified in Annex II.

  • Selection of Mediator The complaining party shall submit a Request for Mediation to the AAA. The AAA will appoint a qualified mediator to serve on the case. The preferred mediator shall have specialized knowledge of securities law, unless the Dispute pertains to financial accounting issues, in which case the arbitrator shall be a CPA, or if no such person is available, shall be generally familiar with the subject matter involved in the Dispute. If the parties are unable to agree on the mediator within thirty (30) days of the Request for Mediation, the AAA case manager will make an appointment. If the initial mediation(s) does not completely resolve the Dispute, any party may request a different mediator for subsequent mediation(s) by serving notice of the request to the other party(ies) for approval, and subject to qualification per the requirements stated above.

  • Selection of Option (a) The Employer will advise the employee of his or her years of continuous employment no later than three (3) months following the official date of signing of the collective agreement.

  • Evaluation of Tenders 33.1 The Procuring Entity shall use the criteria and methodologies listed in this ITT and Section III, Evaluation and Qualification criteria. No other evaluation criteria or methodologies shall be permitted. By applying the criteria and methodologies, the Procuring Entity shall determine the Lowest Evaluated Tender. This is the Tender of the Tenderer that meets the qualification criteria and whose Tender has been determined to be:

  • Selection Lessee acknowledges that it has selected the Equipment and disclaims any reliance upon statements made by the Lessor, other than as set forth in the Schedule.

  • Selection Process The Mortgage Loans were selected from among the outstanding one- to four-family mortgage loans in the Seller's portfolio at the related Closing Date as to which the representations and warranties set forth in Subsection 9.02 could be made and such selection was not made in a manner so as to affect adversely the interests of the Purchaser;

  • Selection Procedures The project evaluation and award of grants shall be in accordance with Article 7.4

  • Selection of the Arbitrator a) Arbitration shall be by a single arbitrator.

  • Selection of Carrier The selection of the insurance carrier and policy shall be made by the School District.

  • Termination of Therapy Therapist reserves the right to terminate therapy at his/her discretion. Reasons for termination include, but are not limited to, untimely payment of fees, failure to comply with treatment recommendations, conflicts of interest, failure to participate in therapy, Patient needs are outside of Therapist’s scope of competence or practice, or Patient is not making adequate progress in therapy. Patient has the right to terminate therapy at his/her discretion. Upon either party’s decision to terminate therapy, Therapist will generally recommend that Patient participate in at least one, or possibly more, termination sessions. These sessions are intended to facilitate a positive termination experience and give both parties an opportunity to reflect on the work that has been done. Therapist will also attempt to ensure a smooth transition to another therapist by offering referrals to Patient.