Applicable Regulations definition

Applicable Regulations. As to any Mortgage Loan, all federal, state and local laws, statutes, rules and regulations applicable thereto.
Applicable Regulations means all applicable statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances, codes, licenses, permits, orders and approvals of each Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over Lessee and/or any of the Properties, including, without limitation, all health, building, fire, safety and other codes, ordinances and requirements and all applicable standards of the National Board of Fire Underwriters and the ADA, in each case, as amended, and any judicial or administrative interpretation thereof, including any judicial order, consent, decree or judgment applicable to Lessee.

Examples of Applicable Regulations in a sentence

  • References in this Agreement to any statute or statutory instrument or Applicable Regulations include any modification, amendment, extension or re-enactment thereof.

  • Under Applicable Regulations, we may be obliged to make information about certain Transactions public.

  • Your records You agree to keep adequate records in accordance with Applicable Regulations to demonstrate the nature of orders submitted and the time at which such orders are submitted.

  • If such apply they will be disclosed to the Client as provided under Applicable Regulations.

  • You agree that we may without further notice to you and subject to Applicable Regulations, transfer by whatever means we consider appropriate all or any of our rights, benefits, obligations, risks and/or interests under this Agreement to any person who may enter into a contract with us in connection with such transfer and you agree that we may transfer to such person all information which we hold about you.

More Definitions of Applicable Regulations

Applicable Regulations means:
Applicable Regulations means FCA Rules or any other Rules of a relevant regulatory authority or any other rules of a relevant Market and all other applicable laws, rules and regulations as in force from time to time;
Applicable Regulations means the rules of any relevant regulatory authority, the rules of any relevant exchange, and all other applicable laws and rules in force from time to time including among others the Securities Act 2007 as amended, the Securities (Conduct of Business) Regulations 2008, the Securities (Financial Statements) Regulations 2008, the Securities (Advertisements) Regulations 2008, the Securities (Forms and Fees) Regulations 2008,the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2006 as amended and the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2004 etc.
Applicable Regulations means the necessary rules and regulations as applicable under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.