Merit Sample Clauses

Merit. The time since the documentation was prepared for the last granted merit or promotion, or the most recent seven (7) sequential years, whichever is less.
Merit. Merit is for the recognition of noteworthy contributions to one's department, school, campus or college, the University and or professional discipline through the traditional avenues of teaching, research and service. It is also the most consistent means for moving beyond the cost-of-living increase traditionally recognized through the satisfactory performance increase provision. It is recognized that conditions vary within and among departments in terms of individual expectations, and it is agreed that awards at the various levels are designed to recognize individual achievement.
Merit. Pursuant to Article XV, Section 10 of the Constitution of the State of Ohio and the Charter of the City, merit employment will prevail in all cases. Seniority is one factor in the determination of merit, but in no case will any provision of this Article or any other Articles of the Contract be deemed to supersede the application of merit employment. Any abuse of discretion in the application of merit in layoffs, callbacks or promotions will be appealable to the Civil Service Commission.
Merit. A merit pay bonus beyond the ATB (not to base salary), starting 2/01/04, may be provided to employees regarded by management as warranting the bonus. For those rated excellent or above (with no discipline received during the review period), the bonus will be 0.5% of gross wages (note: the amount may be increased at the University’s discretion). Discipline is defined as a Written Reprimand or greater. The parties will convene a 3 by 3 study committee to jointly establish criteria for determining merit. The process shall be subject to an annual joint-committee review, for each year that the merit option is in effect. After distribution of a merit bonus, if any, after 2/01/04, the Union may opt out of having its members eligible for such bonus. To do so, it must notify the Labor Relations office in writing within 30 days of the bonus award. Thereafter, the parties may meet to discuss the Union’s concerns. If no mutually satisfactory resolution is reached, bonus eligibility remains discontinued for the duration of the agreement.
Merit. The total salary increase (scale plus merit) shall be rounded to the nearest one hundred dollars ($100).
Merit. III.12.1 Thirty-five (35) merit awards shall be available in each academic year. These shall be allocated annually among tenured/permanent bargaining unit members on the basis of the provisions of this section. Probationary members will also be eligible commencing in the second year of their appointment. The procedure for determining who is to be awarded merit in any academic year (i.e., July 1 to June 30) shall be undertaken in the same academic year. For those selected, the payment will be made retroactive to the beginning of the academic year concerned. In those years when the Collective Agreement is being negotiated, COAP will proceed on the assumption that the number of merit awards will not be reduced. In any year in which the number of merit awards awarded is less than the number available, remaining funds shall be allocated to the Xxxx'x contingency fund.
Merit. The time since the documentation was prepared for the last merit or promotion or the most recent seven
Merit. Effective for the 2016/2017 year and during each year of the subsequent term of this agreement the College in its discretion shall select four (4) full-time faculty members to whom merit is awarded. Merit awards will be paid by separate check (not added to base salary) at a minimum of $1000 to each faculty member selected. In no circumstance should the same faculty member receive a merit award more than once in a four year period.
Merit. (This may be granted to individual staff members at the Board's discretion.) 2008-2009 $148-740