Appointments Sample Clauses

Appointments. The Party desiring arbitration shall appoint one arbitrator, and shall notify the other Parties of such appointment, and the other Parties shall, within five business days after receiving such notice, appoint an arbitrator, and the two arbitrators so named, before proceeding to act, shall, within five business days of the appointment of the last appointed arbitrator, unanimously agree on the appointment of a third arbitrator, to act with them and be chairperson of the arbitration herein provided for. If the other Parties shall fail to appoint an arbitrator within five business days after receiving notice of the appointment of the first arbitrator, and if the two arbitrators appointed by the Parties shall be unable to agree on the appointment of the chairperson, the chairperson shall be appointed in accordance with the Arbitration Rules. Except as specifically otherwise provided in this section, the arbitration herein provided for shall be conducted in accordance with such Arbitration Rules. The chairperson, or in the case where only one arbitrator is appointed, the single arbitrator, shall fix a time and place for the purpose of hearing the evidence and representations of the Parties, and the chairperson shall preside over the arbitration and determine all questions of procedure not provided for by the Arbitration Rules or this section. After hearing any evidence and representations that the Parties may submit, the single arbitrator, or the arbitrators, as the case may be, shall make an award and reduce the same to writing, and deliver one copy thereof to each of the Parties. The expense of the arbitration shall be paid as specified in the award.
Appointments. The Servicer may at any time appoint any Person to perform all or any portion of its obligations as Servicer hereunder; provided, however, that, unless such Person is an Affiliate of PG&E, the Rating Agency Condition shall have been satisfied in connection therewith; provided further that the Servicer shall remain obligated and be liable under this Agreement for the servicing and administering of the Recovery Property in accordance with the provisions hereof without diminution of such obligation and liability by virtue of the appointment of such Person and to the same extent and under the same terms and conditions as if the Servicer alone were servicing and administering the Recovery Property. The fees and expenses of any such Person shall be as agreed between the Servicer and such Person from time to time and none of the Issuer, the Indenture Trustee, the Holders or any other Person shall have any responsibility therefor or right or claim thereto. Any such appointment shall not constitute a Servicer resignation under Section 6.05.
Appointments. The Fund hereby appoints the Transfer Agent to act as sole transfer agent and registrar for all Shares in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof and as administrator of plans and appoints the Transfer Agent as dividend disbursing agent and processor of all payments received or made by or on behalf of the Fund under this Agreement, and the Transfer Agent accepts the appointments. Fund shall provide Transfer Agent with certified copies of resolutions appointing the Transfer Agent as transfer agent.
Appointments. Fund appoints Trust Company to act as sole transfer agent and registrar for all Shares and as administrator of Plans in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof and appoints Computershare as the service provider to Trust Company and as processor of all payments received or made by or on behalf of Fund under this Agreement, all as of the Commencement Date, and Trust Company and Computershare accept the respective appointments.
Appointments. A) Subject to operational requirements and upon at least eight (8) days’ notice, absence from work to attend other than emergency medical or dental appointments shall be paid for from accumulated sick leave when the employee is unable to arrange the appointment for her normal off-duty hours.
Appointments. The officers of the LLC shall be chosen by the Member and shall consist of at least a President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary and a Treasurer. Any number of offices may be held by the same person, except that the same person shall not be President and Vice President or President and Secretary. The Member may appoint such other officers and agents as it shall deem necessary or advisable who shall hold their offices for such terms and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as shall be determined from time to time by the Member. The compensation of all officers and agents of the LLC shall be fixed by or in the manner prescribed by the Member. The officers of the LLC shall hold office until their successors are chosen and qualified, or until their earlier death, resignation or removal. Any officer elected or appointed by the Member may be removed at any time, with or without cause, by the Member. Such removal shall be without prejudice to the contract rights, if any, of the person so removed. Any vacancy occurring in any office of the LLC shall be filled by the Member.
Appointments. 2.1 The Issuer hereby appoints Citibank, N.A. to act as Fiscal Agent, Registrar, Transfer Agent and Exchange Agent in respect of the Notes and Global Notes.
Appointments. The Funds hereby appoints CSS as servicing agent, agent and shareholder servicing agent for the Funds, and CSS hereby accepts such appointment and agrees to perform those duties in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
Appointments. To ensure that posts at Carleton University are filled by the most highly qualified candidates and to ensure accessibility to Canadians, all faculty, Instructor and professional librarian openings must be advertised prior to the consideration of candidates.
Appointments. Where it is not possible to arrange medical, dental or health science professional appointments outside normal working hours, time off duty will be granted by the Employer and such hours shall be paid for from accumulated sick leave credits.