Advisory Board Sample Clauses

Advisory Board. (a) The Managing Member may establish an Advisory Board comprised of members of the Managing Member’s expert network and external advisors. The Advisory Board will be available to provide guidance to the Managing Member on the strategy and progress of the Company. Additionally, the Advisory Board may: (i) be consulted with by the Managing Member in connection with the acquisition and disposal of a Series Asset, (ii) conduct an annual review of the Company’s acquisition policy, (iii) provide guidance with respect to, material conflicts arising or that are reasonably likely to arise with the Managing Member, on the one hand, and the Company, a Series or the Economic Members, on the other hand, or the Company or a Series, on the one hand, and another Series, on the other hand, (iv) approve any material transaction between the Company or a Series and the Managing Member or any of its Affiliates, another Series or an Economic Member (other than the purchase of interests in such Series), (v) provide guidance with respect to the appropriate levels of annual fleet level insurance costs and maintenance costs specific to each individual Series Asset, and review fees, expenses, assets, revenues and availability of funds for distribution with respect to each Series on an annual basis and (vi) approve any service providers appointed by the Managing Member in respect of the Series Assets.
Advisory Board. NFB shall, promptly following the Effective Time, cause all of the members of JSB's Board of Directors as of the date of this Agreement, other than the New NFB Director, who are willing to so serve to be elected or appointed as members of NFB's advisory board ("Advisory Board"), the function of which shall be to advise NFB with respect to deposit and lending activities in JSB's former market area and to maintain and develop customer relationships. The members of the Advisory Board who are willing to so serve shall be elected to serve an initial term of three years beginning on the Effective Date. Each member of the Advisory Board shall receive an annual retainer fee for such service of $25,000, payable in monthly installments or in one lump sum at any time in advance at the option of NFB, notwithstanding that such Advisory Board members are receiving benefits under the JSB Bank Outside Directors' Plan. Service on the Advisory Board shall be considered service as a director of NFB for purposes of any stock option plan of JSB or NFB.
Advisory Board. MAF shall cause MAF Bank to create an advisory board (the "Advisory Board") to (a) assist in and advise with respect to integration of the operations of First Federal into those of the MAF Bank, and (b) advise with respect to the operations of MAF Bank. Other than Xxxxx X. Xxxxx, the Advisory Board shall consist of all current members of the Board of Directors of First Federal who are members of such Board as of the Effective Time, each of whom shall be entitled to receive per meeting fees (without reimbursement for travel expenses) equal to those currently in effect at Bancorp provided that the Advisory Board shall meet (or for purposes hereof shall be deemed to have met) at least quarterly, and may meet more frequently at the request of MAF. The Board of Directors of MAF shall review the Advisory Board function annually to consider its continuation.
Advisory Board. 1. There will be an Advisory Board consisting of two (2) representatives of the Industry, two (2) from the Union, one (1) representing the Vocational School and one (1) from the Apprenticeship Branch.
Advisory Board. At the Effective Time, there shall be established an advisory board to the Surviving Corporation ("ADVISORY BOARD"), which shall be comprised of the persons who were directors of the Company immediately prior to the Effective Time, except directors of the Company elected to the Board of Directors of Parent pursuant to Section 7.14. The Advisory Board shall meet no less frequently than quarterly and shall provide advice to the Board of Directors of the Surviving Corporation with respect to such issues as the Board of Directors of the Surviving Corporation may from time to time request, including but not limited to community relations, customer service, economic development, employee development and relations and such other matters of community interest as may be appropriate. The members of the Advisory Board, who shall serve at the discretion of the Surviving Corporation, shall receive remuneration for their services equivalent to the remuneration currently provided to non-employee directors of the Company. In the event of a vacancy on the Advisory Board, the remaining members of the Advisory Board shall determine, subject to the approval of Parent, whether to fill such vacancy and may fill such vacancy by nominating a successor member satisfactory to the Surviving Corporation.
Advisory Board. An Advisory Board will ensure the proper development, approval, and execution of the operation of ECTAC and approve the annual budget. Advisory Board Members: The Advisory Board will be composed of five administrators that are representative of small, medium, and large school districts comprising the organization. Board members receive no compensation for their services. The number of Board members may be increased by vote of the general membership but will never be less than five.
Advisory Board. Promptly following the Effective Time, CBSI shall cause Community Bank to be form an advisory board (the “Advisory Board”) and invite each member of Xxxxxx’x Board of Directors (other than members who are elected to CBSI’s Board of Directors pursuant to Section 5.11(c)) to serve on the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board shall be comprised of such Directors of Xxxxxx who accept the invitation to serve on it, and the President and Chief Executive Officer of CBSI. The purpose and function of the Advisory Board will be to advise Community Bank on deposit, lending and financial services activities in Xxxxxx’x former market area and to insure a smooth transition of business relationships in connection with the Merger and the continued development of business relationships throughout such market area. Each member of the Advisory Board, other than the President and Chief Executive Officer of CBSI, shall be paid for each meeting he or she actually attends an amount equal to (i) $5,000 per quarter divided by (ii) the number of meetings held in any given quarter, in cash, in consideration for his or her services on the Advisory Board. The term of the Advisory Board shall be for a two-year period following the Effective Time.
Advisory Board. The Trustees may establish an Advisory Board (as that term is defined in the 1000 Xxx) and appoint one or more members. Members of such Advisory Board shall not be Trustees, officers, employees of the investment adviser of the Trust or employees of an affiliate of the investment adviser, and need not be Shareholders. A member of such Advisory Board shall hold office for such period as the Trustees may determine and may resign therefrom by a written instrument signed by him or her which shall take effect upon its delivery to the Trustees. The Trustees may remove such an Advisory Board member at any time, with or without cause. The Advisory Board shall have no legal powers and shall not perform the functions of Trustees, such Advisory Board being intended merely to act in an advisory capacity. Such Advisory Board shall meet at such times and upon such notice as the Trustees may provide.
Advisory Board. The LLC Member may appoint any person or persons to act in an advisory capacity to the Company. Such a group shall be known as the Advisory Board.
Advisory Board. The Advisory Board that shall govern the administration of the OICI Protocol shall include the County Attorney or designee thereof, two City Attorney’s from Protocol Member Agencies who have been nominated and agreed upon by a majority of the members of the Advisory Board, and a designee from each Protocol Member Agency.