Maintenance and Support Services Sample Clauses

Maintenance and Support Services. As long as you are not using the Help Desk as a substitute for our training services on the Tyler Software, and you timely pay your maintenance and support fees, we will, consistent with our then-current Support Call Process:
Maintenance and Support Services. The following Maintenance and support offerings are authorized under the Contract. The Contractor agrees that malfunctions that cannot be immediately diagnosed and attributed to a certain piece of equipment will require the participation of the Contractor until the problem resolution and responsibility is identified. Maintenance plan options which are available as part of the Contractor’s standard commercial offerings, including plans that include Replaceable Service Parts, Consumables, and/or Click Charges may be offered under this Contract. Maintenance must be performed onsite by OEM certified personnel.
Maintenance and Support Services. After Acceptance of the Licensed Software and subject to the terms, conditions, and charges set forth in this Section 6.1.1, Contractor will provide City with maintenance and Support Services for the Licensed Software as follows: (i) Contractor will provide such assistance as necessary to cause the Licensed Software to perform in accordance with the Specifications as set forth in the Documentation; (ii) Contractor will provide, for City’s use, whatever improvements, enhancements, Upgrades, extensions and other changes to the Licensed Software Contractor may develop, and (iii) Contractor will update the Licensed Software, as required, to cause it to operate under new versions or releases of the operating system specified in this Agreement so long as such updates, or Upgrades, are made generally available to Contractor’s other licensees.
Maintenance and Support Services. Should the LICENSEE have contracted Maintenance and Support Service (also referred to as the “Service”) for the SOFTWARE PRODUCTS in its Purchase Order, the terms and conditions stipulated in this section shall be applicable:
Maintenance and Support Services. Subject to Client’s timely payment of applicable SaaS Services fees, MRI will provide to Client the Maintenance and Support services for the Maintenance and Support plan indicated in the Order Document, under MRI’s Maintenance and Support policies in effect at the time the Services are provided for the level of Services ordered. MRI shall manage and install all Updates and Upgrades of the hosted Software. Updates are provided when and if available, and MRI is under no obligation to develop any future programs or functionality. MRI is under no obligation to provide Maintenance and Support with respect to: (i) Software that has been altered or modified by anyone other than MRI or its licensors; (ii) a release for which Maintenance and Support has been discontinued; (iii) Software used other than in accordance with the Documentation; (iv) discrepancies that do not significantly impair or affect the operation of the SaaS Services; (v) any systems or programs not supplied by MRI; or (vi) Configurations. For the avoidance of doubt, Updates provided under Maintenance and Support services do not include custom development, Upgrades, or Configurations regardless of whether such Configurations are performed by MRI or by Client. MRI reserves the right to charge Client for any reintegration work required to make Configurations compatible with future versions/releases.‌ If an Error was corrected or is not present in a more current version of the Software, MRI shall have no obligation to correct such Errors in prior versions of the Software. Subject to timely payment of the applicable fees, Maintenance and Support is provided for all Software, unless otherwise noted in the Order Document; provided, however, that with respect to Third Party Software, MRI’s obligation is limited to using commercially reasonable efforts to obtain Maintenance and Support from the third party owner of such Software.
Maintenance and Support Services. Distributor shall provide Maintenance and Support Services to all of its Customers of Licensed Software as set forth in Sections 3.4(a) and 3.4(b) below. Distributor may require Customers to provide the own First-Line Support: however, in no event shall Siebel be responsible for First-Line or Second-Line Support. Subject to Distributor's payment of the Maintenance Fees set forth in EXHIBIT A Siebel shall provide Third-Line Support to Distributor in accordance with Siebel's then current Maintenance and Support Services Policy. Distributor shall be responsible for all support related to the Value Added Offering.
Maintenance and Support Services. (a) IT&S shall provide maintenance services for the Equipment through IT&S’s third-party maintenance providers and the IT&S Depot Maintenance as set forth in the Schedules to this Agreement. Customer shall have the right to use an alternative Equipment maintenance provider, provided that at least sixty (60) daysprior written notice is given to IT&S and IT&S, in its reasonable discretion, approves such proposed alternative Equipment maintenance provider. In such cases, responsibility for vendor performance and system availability delivered via this Equipment will transfer solely to Customer.
Maintenance and Support Services. 3.1 Subject to Client’s timely payment of applicable Maintenance and Support fees, MRI will provide to Client the Maintenance and Support services for the Maintenance and Support plan indicated in the Order Document during the specified period. All licenses in Client’s possession must be supported under the same Maintenance and Support plan.
Maintenance and Support Services. For purposes of this Agreement, "Maintenance and Support" means that ABT will: (a) use reasonably diligent efforts to correct and resolve Errors that ABT/UK reports to ABT in accordance with the escalation procedures set forth in Attachment F and (b) provide Error Corrections, Updates and Upgrades, if any, to the Software, Business Procedures and Documentation that ABT releases during the current period covered by the Minimum Maintenance Fee, in accordance with Section 2.6; and (c) up to twenty-five hundred (2,500) hours of technical support per year, in English, pursuant to the escalation procedures in Attachment F, and the software development resource commitment guidelines in Attachment G. The parties acknowledge that such technical support services may be applied to any Services performed by ABT pursuant to the Services Agreement in Attachment D and will not include any time spent by ABT to create or provide Error Corrections, Updates, or Upgrades, or to provide telephone support related thereto, except as mutually agreed in a Work Order as specified in Attachment D. ABT shall provide ABT/UK with a monthly report of the hours of technical support provided by ABT under this Section 6.2. Each month, ABT shall invoice ABT/UK in arrears for Fees for any Maintenance and Support services in excess of one-twelfth of the allotted twenty-five hundred (2,500) hours for the year, in reasonable detail showing such additional hours to the nearest quarter hour, and Customer shall pay such Fees no later than fifteen (15) days after the invoice date. Any such additional Maintenance and Support services will be billed at a rate equal to [*] per hour. ABT may increase such rate after the first year of the Term, in proportion to any increase in the Consumer Price Index over the previous year.
Maintenance and Support Services. After Acceptance of the Licensed Software and subject to the terms, conditions, and charges set forth in this Section, Contractor will provide City with maintenance and Support Services for the Licensed Software as follows: