The Deliverables Sample Clauses

The Deliverables. 3.1 The Company agrees to perform the Deliverables in accordance with the Conditions. Certain features of the Services may be subject to additional guidelines, terms or rules, which will be posted on the Company’s website in connection with such features.
The Deliverables. As part of the Scope of Services the CONSULTANT shall provide to the VILLAGE the following Deliverables: See “Scope of Services” as listed in Exhibit “2.”
The Deliverables. Statement of Requirements
The Deliverables. MSRX will use its best efforts to develop a mint flavored version of its current Benzydamine film according to the specifications described in Annex 1 (the “Specifications”). Parties agree that Xxxxxxxx will review if the excipients contained in the formulation comply with the excipients regulations described in Annex 1. Following acceptance of the formulation by Xxxxxxxx, MSRX - on its production equipments - will make at least 3 (three) batches. Each batch will contain 300,000 film strips (the “Deliverables”). The Deliverables will be delivered to Xxxxxxxx within 10 (ten) labour day, from packaging of strips, by and at the cost of MSRX. For the production of the Deliverables, Xxxxxxxx agrees to supply to MSRX not more than 25 kg of Benzydamine, free of charge, therefore all the quantities of Benzydamine - ordered by MSRX - exceeding 25 kg shall be supplied at the price of USD[*]/kg Ex Works Xxxxxxxx Manufacturing Site.
The Deliverables. The “Detailed BIM Strategy” must deliver, but not be limited to the content in the table below. Headline deliverables for the project are described below and detailed later in the document: Deliverable Description Notes, references
The Deliverables. The following are the Deliverables to the Agreement:
The Deliverables. 1. Completed Segment in accordance with the Segment Order that is mutually agreed upon and executed by the Parties.