Inspection Reports definition

Inspection Reports. The inspection reports substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit “A”.
Inspection Reports means: (i) the Phase One and Phase Two environmental reports listed on Schedule 12 hereto (“Environmental Reports”), (ii) the Pro Forma Policies listed on Schedule 13 hereto, (iii) the Real Property surveys listed on Schedule 14 hereto (the “Surveys”), (iv) the building inspection reports listed on Schedule 15 hereto (the “Building Reports”) and (v) the zoning reports listed on Schedule 16 hereto (the “Zoning Reports”).
Inspection Reports means, collectively, the Environmental Assessments and the Zoning Reports.

Examples of Inspection Reports in a sentence

  • Test and Inspection Reports: Prepare and submit certified written reports specified in other Sections.

  • The Servicer shall conduct property inspections in accordance with the milestones of the repair and rehabilitation plan for such Mortgaged Property and prepare Property Inspection Reports on any Mortgaged Property involving property damage over $15,000.

  • Only solid, very high vapour pressure particles can be analysed due to the high vacuum of the system required for X-ray microanalysis.

  • Inspection Reports will be prepared by the agency designee during the inspection.

  • Inspection Reports: Submit report of each inspection; identify each preventive measure, indicate condition, and specify maintenance or repair required and accomplished.

More Definitions of Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports means: (i) the Phase One and Phase Two environmental reports listed on Exhibit E (“Environmental Reports”), (ii) the Pro Forma Policies, (iii) the Real Property surveys listed on Exhibit E (the “Surveys”), (iv) the building inspection reports listed on Exhibit E (the “Building Reports”) and (v) the zoning reports listed on Exhibit E (the “Zoning Reports”).
Inspection Reports has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(b).
Inspection Reports shall have the meaning ascribed to it in Section 5(a) of this Agreement.
Inspection Reports. To SELLER's Knowledge, PURCHASER has been furnished all MMS or other regulatory inspection reports and findings conducted during SELLER's ownership of the Oil & Gas Interests, subject to the destruction of documents pursuant to SELLER's standard record retention policies.
Inspection Reports. The latest quarterly independent party audit report. The document is based on physical inspection and either issued by a Singapore-licensed Auditor or by an LBMA approved Inspection Company; and
Inspection Reports. Any reports received by Tenant relating to i) the condition, value, completion of Improvements, or ii) compliance with Applicable Laws (including, but not limited to, Environmental Laws) of the Improvements which are issued by 3rd party consultants, whether to Tenant, any contractor, or a Leasehold Mortgagee. Inspection Reports exclude i) the portion (which may be all) of any report which is proprietary or confidential (unless Landlord agrees to execute a confidentiality agreement and Tenant is not prohibited by law or third party agreement executed in the ordinary course of business from sharing such information), and ii) any report which is issued by or on behalf of Tenant’s legal counsel. For Inspection Reports to be provided by Tenant to Landlord, Landlord must make a written request to Tenant, and Tenant shall have at least fourteen (14) days to produce such reports. Tenant is not obligated to produce any report which is dated more than five (5) years prior to the date of Landlord’s notice, or any report not in Tenant’s possession or control.
Inspection Reports means the reports issued by governmental regulatory bodies regarding the Facilities' compliance with regulations applicable thereto.