All Software Sample Clauses

All Software. The Software and the US Software comprise all of the software owned by the Group Companies.
All Software the Warranty Period shall be ninety (90) days from the date of shipment of Software, if not installed by Vendor. If Software is installed by or activated by Vendor, the Warranty Period shall be ninety (90) days from the date the Software is installed or activated by Vendor unless earlier activated by Owner.
All Software documentation, Documents, Works, and other work products shall undergo inspection and Acceptance by the Director (or his/her designee). “Acceptance” means the act of an authorized representative of the City by which the City assumes for itself, approval of specific services or delivery of specific products, as partial or complete performance of the Agreement. The City may submit written notification of defects or Non-Conformities at least up to two years after Acceptance of Software, documentation, Documents, Works, or other work products provided by Contractor under this Agreement.
All Software. Software" means all computer software, programs and code, including all new versions, updates, revisions, improvements and modifications thereof, whether in source code, object code, or executable code format, including systems software, application software, firmware, middleware, programming tools, scripts, routines, interfaces, libraries, and databases, protocols and all related specifications and documentation, including developer notes, comments and annotations, user manuals and training materials relating to any of the foregoing (other than shrink wrap, click-thru or like licenses for commercial off-the-shelf software);

Related to All Software

  • Embedded Software To the extent any goods contain Embedded Software (defined below) that is not Buyer’s Property, no title to such Embedded Software shall pass to Buyer, and Supplier shall grant Buyer, its customers and all other users a non-exclusive worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free right to use, load, install, execute, demonstrate, market, test, resell, sublicense and distribute such Embedded Software as an integral part of such goods or for servicing the goods (the “Buyer-Required License”). If such Embedded Software or any part thereof is owned by a third party, prior to delivery, Supplier shall obtain the Buyer-Required License from such third-party owner. “Embedded Software” means software necessary for operation of goods and embedded in and delivered as an integral part of goods.

  • Licensed Software Computer program(s) provided by Contractor in connection with the Deliverables, subject to Section 14 of this Contract.

  • Proprietary Software Depending upon the products and services You elect to access through Electronic Access, You may be provided software owned by BNY Mellon or licensed to BNY Mellon by a BNY Mellon Supplier (“Proprietary Software”). You are granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to install the Proprietary Software on Your authorized computer system (including mobile devices registered with BNY Mellon) and to use the Proprietary Software solely for Your own internal purposes in connection with Electronic Access and solely for the purposes for which it is provided to You. You and Your Users may make copies of the Proprietary Software for backup purposes only, provided all copyright and other proprietary information included in the original copy of the Proprietary Software are reproduced in or on such backup copies. You shall not reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or attempt to determine the source code for, any Proprietary Software. Any attempt to circumvent or penetrate security of Electronic Access is strictly prohibited.

  • Third Party Software Certain Third Party Software may be provided with the Licensed Component(s) that is subject to the accompanying license(s), if any, of its respective owner(s). To the extent portions of the Software are distributed under and subject to open source licenses obligating Axway to make the source code for such portions publicly available (such as the GNU General Public License ("GPL") or the GNU Library General Public License ("LGPL")), Axway will make such source code portions (including Axway modifications, as appropriate) available upon request for a period of up to three (3) years from the date of distribution. Such request can be made in writing to Axway Software - Tour W, 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, 00000 Xxxxx La Défense Cedex, France ATTN: Legal Department. Customer may obtain a copy of the GPL at xxxx://, and a copy of the LGPL at xxxx://

  • Software Inclusions  Software Licenses for Contractor’s proprietary product line, including o Perpetual licenses o Term licenses  Pre-Packaged Software Maintenance/Support for Contractor’s proprietary product line  Pre-Packaged Software Installation for Contractor’s proprietary product line  Configuration Services (Limited in amount to 10% of the net NYS Contract Price for the total Products being procured not to exceed $25,000 total.)  Pre-Packaged Software Training Packages, Remote and On-Site that are standardized for Contractor’s proprietary product line  Fleet management (management of software license inventory)  Electronic Health Records Software  Software Bundles, including: o Software Third Party Products o Maintenance  Enterprise Software Purchases  Legacy Software Maintenance Restrictions  On Premise Software Only  Third Party Products are allowed as part of a Software Bundle only if they are required to facilitate the provision of the Software solution.

  • Client Software You may only use the client software with the ERP solution. You may install an unlimited number of copies of the client software to access your ERP solution.

  • Computer Software The Grantee certifies that it has appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure that state funds will not be used in the performance of this Grant Agreement for the acquisition, operation, or maintenance of computer software in violation of copyright laws.

  • Antivirus software All workstations, laptops and other systems that process and/or 18 store PHI COUNTY discloses to CONTRACTOR or CONTRACTOR creates, receives, maintains, or 19 transmits on behalf of COUNTY must have installed and actively use comprehensive anti-virus software 20 solution with automatic updates scheduled at least daily.

  • Additional Software Should any additional Software licenses be purchased during the Term:

  • Open Source Software Schedule 2.10(o) of the Company Disclosure Letter identifies all Open Source Materials used in any Company Products or in the conduct of the Business, describes the manner in which such Open Source Materials were used (such description shall include whether (and, if so, how) the Open Source Materials were modified and/or distributed by the Company and each Subsidiary) and identifies the licenses under which such Open Source Materials were used. The Company and each Subsidiary is in compliance with the terms and conditions of all licenses for the Open Source Materials. Neither the Company nor any Subsidiary has (i) incorporated Open Source Materials into, or combined Open Source Materials with, the Company-Owned Intellectual Property or Company Products, (ii) distributed Open Source Materials in conjunction with any Company-Owned Intellectual Property or Company Products or (iii) used Open Source Materials, in such a way that, with respect to clauses (i) or (ii), creates, or purports to create, obligations for the Company or any Subsidiary with respect to any Company-Owned Intellectual Property or grant, or purport to grant, to any third party any rights or immunities under any Company-Owned Intellectual Property (including using any Open Source Materials that require, as a condition of use, modification and/or distribution of such Open Source Materials that other software incorporated into, derived from or distributed with such Open Source Materials be (A) disclosed or distributed in source code form, (B) be licensed for the purpose of making derivative works or (C) be redistributable at no charge).