Software Products definition

Software Products means any computer software products, other than Off-the-Shelf-Software, and all computer operating, security or programming software, that is owned by or licensed to any Company Group Member or used, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, or has been developed or designed for or is in the process of being developed or designed for use, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of the Business of any nature whatsoever, including all systems software, all applications software, whether for general business usage (e.g., accounting, finance, word processing, graphics, spreadsheet analysis, etc.) or specific, unique-to-the-Business usage (e.g., telephone call processing, etc.), and any and all documentation and object and source codes related thereto.
Software Products and “Software” are interchangeable and mean software, computer source codes and other computer programs.
Software Products means either those Airbus Software intended to be used on ground at the Licensee’s facilities or Airbus Software that are installed on board the Aircraft and that are not Part 125 and/or FAR 125 certified - whether or not bearing a part number of the Licensor - excluding any software embedded in any component, furnishing or equipment installed on the Aircraft and itself bearing a part number.

Examples of Software Products in a sentence

  • The Licensee may provide, or the Company may solicit inputs in connection with the Software Products or Services, including, without limitation, comments or suggestions regarding the possible creation, modification, correction, improvement, or enhancement thereof (collectively “Feedback”).

  • To the extent the Software Products are availed by the Licensee through an authorised reseller, the Licensee agrees and acknowledges that the use of the Software Products and provision of Services to the Licensee shall be governed under this Agreement and the reseller shall not be authorised to modify this Agreement or make promises and/or commitments on behalf of the Company.

  • The Third-Party Components in the Software Products are as set out in Schedule IV, which list may be supplemented from time to time for any updates or upgrades to the Software Products.

  • All Software and other related Software Products must be Original, Licensed and Genuine and must conform to the norms and guidelines of Information Technology (IT) Act, 2000 and its amendments from time to time, failing which the empanelment of Service Providers will automatically stand terminated.

  • The Licensee shall also not use the Software Products for any purpose prohibited by Applicable Laws.

More Definitions of Software Products

Software Products means the products listed on Exhibit C which BARTECH may amend at any time, as provided in subparagraph 3(a), by adding or deleting any Software Product.
Software Products means the INSOURCE software products made available to the Licensee under the Agreement.
Software Products shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.18(m).
Software Products also includes the products set forth in Exhibit F hereto. The parties shall, in good faith, classify each such product, and each new VERITAS product, as a Base Software Product, OEM Software Product, or Application Software Product. 27 EXHIBIT B Form of Statement of Work [Attached] 28 STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW) PROJECT DEFINITIONS AND DELIVERABLES __________________ PRODUCT
Software Products means Vigilant’s Law Enforcement & Security suite of Software Products including CarDetector, Law Enforcement Archival & Reporting Network (LEARN), PlateSearch, Mobile Companion for Smartphones, Target Alert Service (TAS) server/client alerting package, and other software applications considered by Vigilant to be applicable for the benefit of law enforcement and security practices. Software Products shall only be permitted to function on approved Vigilant cameras and other hardware components provided by Vigilant or through Vigilant certified reselling partners. Software Products shall not be permitted to operate on third-party provided or not Vigilant-authorized hardware components, and if found to be operating on third-party provided hardware components Software Products shall be promptly removed by Affiliate.
Software Products or "Software" or “Supported Products” or “Products” shall mean VISURE REQUIREMENTS, and any additional modules included in the applicable ordering document. The term "Software" includes, to the extent provided by VISURE: 1) any revisions, updates and/or upgrades thereto; 2) any data, image or executable files, computer software, or similar items customarily distributed with computer software products; and 3) any associated media, electronic and on-line documentation (the "Documentation").