Company Employees Sample Clauses

Company Employees. Hire or, within 60 days of the date hereof, terminate, other than for cause or as required by law, the employment of any officer, or member of senior management, elect to any office any person who is not a member of the Company’s management team as of the date of this Agreement or elect to the Company Board any person who is not a member of the Company Board as of the date of this Agreement.
Company Employees. Each Party shall not, directly or indirectly solicit for employment, any employee of the other Party who has been directly involved in the performance of this Agreement during the Term and for one year after the earlier of the termination or expiration of this Agreement or the termination of such individual's employment, with the other Party. It shall not be a violation of this provision if any employee responds to a Party's general advertisement of an open position.
Company Employees. Executive understands and agrees that the relationship between the Company and Company Employees constitutes a valuable asset of the Company and such assets may not be converted to Executive’s own use or benefit or for the use or benefit of any other third-party. Accordingly, Executive hereby agrees that during Executive’s employment with the Company and for the full duration of the Restricted Period following Termination of Employment, Executive shall not, without the Company’s prior written consent, directly or indirectly, solicit or recruit for employment; attempt to solicit or recruit for employment; or attempt to hire or accept as an employee, consultant, contractor, or otherwise, any Company Employee.
Company Employees. (a) The Purchaser is not assuming, and the Parent shall indemnify Purchaser from, any Liabilities arising on or prior to the Closing Date relating employees of the Company, including under any Employee Plans in which employees of the Company participate, any Liabilities related to severance benefits, termination benefits, change in control bonuses, transaction bonuses or equity based compensation provided by the Parent, Holdings, or the Company and any Liabilities for any wages or compensation arising in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby or prior to the Closing Date. For a period of at least 12 months following the Closing, the Purchaser shall provide, or shall cause the Company to provide each employee of the Company as of the Closing Date (a “Company Employee”) with (i) a position at a location that does not cause the employee’s daily round-trip commuting distance to increase by more than 50 miles from immediately prior to the Closing and (ii) compensation, employee benefits and perquisites (but excluding equity compensation and defined benefit plan benefits, if any) that are substantially similar, in the aggregate, to those provided to such employee (and his or her spouse, domestic partner and dependents) by the Company and its Affiliates immediately prior to the Closing. The Purchaser and its Affiliates shall treat, and shall cause each benefit plan, program, practice, policy and arrangement sponsored, maintained or contributed to by the Purchaser or any of its Affiliates after the Closing and in which any Company Employee (or the spouse, domestic partner or dependent of any Company Employee) participates or becomes eligible to participate (each, a “Purchaser Benefit Plan”) to treat, for purposes of determining eligibility to participate, vesting and, solely with respect to severance, vacation, sick leave and similar paid time off benefits, benefit accrual and entitlement, all service with the Company and its Affiliates (and predecessor employers to the extent the Company or any of its Affiliates, or the analogous Employee Plan, provides past service credit) as service with the Purchaser and its Affiliates. The Purchaser and its Affiliates shall use commercially reasonable efforts to cause each Purchaser Benefit Plan (A) to waive any and all eligibility waiting periods, evidence of insurability requirements and pre-existing condition limitations and exclusions with respect to each Company Employee and his or her spouse, domestic part...
Company Employees. As an independent covenant, Employee agrees, during the term of this Agreement and, upon termination or expiration of this Agreement for any reason, for a period of one (1) year thereafter, not to induce or attempt to influence any employee of Company to terminate his or her employment with Company.
Company Employees. The Company agrees that during the Pre-Closing Period it shall make all reasonable efforts to maintain good relations with its employees and will honor all previous agreements with employees to be performed prior to Closing. The Company agrees that promptly after the date hereof it shall allow Parent to make a presentation to the Company’s and each of its Subsidiaries’ employees and to interview such employees for continued employment with the Company or its Subsidiaries, as applicable, after the Closing. During the Pre-Closing Period, the Company will use all reasonable efforts to cause such Company Employees to make available their employment services to the Surviving Corporation.
Company Employees. During the period of employment and for one year thereafter, the Employee shall not, without the prior written consent of the Company, solicit, recruit, encourage, or arrange to have any other Person solicit, recruit or encourage any Company employee to terminate his/her employment with the Company to seek employment with a bank, credit union, financial institution, investment company, or other Person who competes directly or indirectly with the Company.
Company Employees. QuadraMed shall have no obligation to continue the employment to any of the employees of the Company from and after the Closing Date. The Company and the Shareholders agree to refrain from making any statements or communications to its employees regarding subsequent employment by QuadraMed without QuadraMed's prior written consent. As a condition to such employment, QuadraMed shall require that any employees of the Company that QuadraMed shall elect to hire in connection with the transactions contemplated by this Agreement shall promptly execute and deliver to QuadraMed the QuadraMed standard form Proprietary Information Agreement, and such employees shall be included in QuadraMed's standard employee benefit plans.
Company Employees. This Policy applies to all Union Employees while on Company owned or leased property, or while off the premises conducting Company business. This includes off-premises during lunch break periods where the employee is scheduled to return to work. Conducting Company business means being in a situation where decisions are made that commit the Company to some action, or being in a position where actions could injure or adversely affect fellow employees or the Company.