Shift Employees Sample Clauses

Shift Employees. Employees who work rotating shift patterns or those who work qualifying shifts shall be entitled, on completion of 12 months employment on shift work, to up to an additional 5 days annual leave, based on the number of qualifying shifts worked. The entitlement will be calculated on the annual leave anniversary date. Qualifying shifts are defined as a shift which involves at least 2 hours work performed outside the hours of 8.00am to 5.00pm, excluding overtime. Number of qualifying shifts per annum Number of days additional leave per annum 121 or more 5 days 96 – 120 4 days 71 – 95 3 days 46 – 70 2 days 21 – 45 1 day
Shift Employees. Overtime-eligible employees who work in positions that normally require shift coverage for more than one (1) work shift, excluding: Department of Children, Youth, and FamiliesJuvenile Rehabilitation (DCYF-JR) shift workers as of July 1, 2005 who are paid overtime after forty (40) hours in a workweek and employees who work at the Military DepartmentWashington Youth Academy.
Shift Employees. Overtime-eligible employees who work in positions that normally require shift coverage for more than one (1) work shift.
Shift Employees. Overtime-eligible employees who work in positions that normally require coverage or relief for more than one (1) work shift.
Shift Employees. If, for whatever reason, an employee not on probation is unable to perform his/her assigned duties because of absence from work for a period in excess of 15 consecutive shifts, the evaluation period shall be automatically extended for a similar period of time; provided, however, the department head/City Manager may evaluate the employee's past performance and submit to the City Personnel Committee a separate, written recommendation justifying granting a merit increase and not extending the evaluation period for a period of time equal to the period of absence. If the period of absence exceeds 30 consecutive shifts, the employee's performance evaluation and anniversary date will be extended for a similar period of time (also see Section 6.03.
Shift Employees. Any employee whose shift starts on a Paid Public Holiday shall receive compensation for the holiday for the entire shift. Any overtime hours worked prior to the start of the shift shall not be identified as the start of the shift.
Shift Employees. (i) Shift employees who are on a scheduled day of rest on a Company Holiday are entitled to a holiday with pay at some other time which may be by way of addition to annual vacation or granted as a holiday with pay at a time convenient to the employees and the Company.
Shift Employees. If a designated holiday falls in a vacation period, in lieu of an extra day added to their vacation entitlement, the employee will be paid their holiday pay in addition to their vacation pay. The Company agrees to provide in the rules for vacation allocation, an opportunity for shift workers to use a designated holiday in lieu of a vacation day when a designated holiday falls within the employee's scheduled vacation period, recognizing the following principles: - no additional cost to the Company - any such arrangement can only be made if there is vacation time and vacation relief available. - such arrangements will be scheduled immediately following the finalization of vacation and floater holiday schedules for the following year.
Shift Employees. The above noted holidays shall be observed or recognized on the actual day on which they are nationally observed regardless of the day of the week, i.e., holidays which fall on Saturday will be observed on that day only. (There will be no carryover to Friday or Monday.)