Address of Record Sample Clauses

Address of Record. All written notices hereunder will be provided to You by IDS mailing such notices to You through the U.S. Postal Service, at the address then listed for the Account in IDS’s records. All such notices are deemed received by You on the fifth (5th) business day after they are mailed to You. You agree to advise IDS of any change in your address in writing, and You acknowledge that You are responsible for keeping IDS informed of your current address.
Address of Record. (Street Address) (City, State) (Zip) Mailing Address: (If same as address of Record put “same”) (Street Address) (City, State) (Zip) (E-mail Address) (M.E.B.A. Book Number) (Book Issued: Mo/Day/Yr (Birth Date) (Birthplace: City/State/Country) (Date Naturalized, City) (Current MMC Endorsements) (Endorsements continued) (Reference Number) (MMC Expiration) (TWIC Number) (TWIC Expiration) (Passport Number) Next of Kin: (Passport Expiration) (Name: Last, First) (Relationship)
Address of Record. Every applicant and licensee shall provide an address to the Physical Therapy Board of California (Board) that will be designated as their address of record, which will be utilized for all official and formal communications from the Board, and which will be disclosed to the public. An applicant or a licensee need not provide a residence address as the address of record, but may use an alternative address, such as a business address or a P.O. Box, as their address of record. Every applicant and licensee shall report any change of the address of record to the Board no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the address change has occurred. The report of change of address of record shall be in writing and contain the old address, the new address, and the effective date of the change of address.
Address of Record. 43 Section 12.3.
Address of Record. You have provided the address listed below as your address of record for receipt of mailings from Capital One: David M. Willey 1221 Towlston Road Great Falls, VA 22066 If the address changes, you agree to immediately notify Capital One in writing of your new address of record.
Address of Record. The primary mailing address designated by the Society member, except an APO or other temporary address, shall be considered as the Address of Record unless the Society member instructs otherwise.
Address of Record. The following address shall serve as the address of record for Purchaser with respect to the Shares until the same is modified by the Purchaser in a written notice delivered to the Company's executive offices: Robert W. Felton Trust 6889 Devon Way Berkeley, CA 94705 Fax No. (510) 486-1725 Attention: Robert W. Felton [Signature page follows]
Address of Record. Any notice required or permitted to be delivered by this PMA shall be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the United States mail, postage prepaid, registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed to the following address: INVESTOR GBPM Greater Boise Property Management 795 W. Tallulah Drive Kuna, ID 83634 Phone: Email: