After notification Sample Clauses

After notification of The Regents as described in Paragraph 9.1, IntraBiotics may take legal action against the infringement of Joint Patent Rights. In the case of Regents' Patent Rights, IntraBiotics may request that The Regents take legal action against the infringement of Regents' Patent Rights in the Field. Such request shall be made in writing and shall include reasonable evidence of such infringement and damages to IntraBiotics. If the infringing activity has not been abated within [ * ] following the effective date of such request, The Regents shall have the right to (a) commence suit on its own account or (b) refuse to participate in such suit. The Regents shall give notice of its election in writing to IntraBiotics by the end of the [ * ] after receiving notice of such request from IntraBiotics. IntraBiotics may thereafter bring suit for patent infringement in its own name, if and only if The Regents elects not to commence suit and if the infringement occurred during the period and in a jurisdiction where IntraBiotics possesses exclusive rights under this Agreement. However, in the event IntraBiotics elects to bring suit in accordance with this paragraph, The Regents may thereafter join such suit at its own expense. In the case where only Joint Patent Rights are infringed, The Regents must have the consent of IntraBiotics in order to join such suit. IntraBiotics shall have the right to join any such litigation brought by The Regents at IntraBiotics' cost and expense and with counsel of IntraBiotics' choice.
After notification by the employee and/or Union to the Employer regarding delay of delivery of weekly pay cheque, the Employer will be given twenty-four (24) hours to produce the outstanding pay cheque. If a pay cheque cannot be produced, the Employer will issue a cash advance of two hundred and fifty-dollars ($250.00). The Employer will guarantee issuance of cheque by completion of the workday Monday. If the Employer defaults, the employee shall be paid waiting time at straight time rates, not to exceed four (4) hours for each day the delinquency continues.

Related to After notification

  • Customer Notification By executing this Agreement, the Advisor acknowledges that as required by the Advisers Act the Sub-Advisor has supplied to the Advisor and the Trust copies of the Sub-Advisor’s Form ADV with all exhibits and attachments (including the Sub-Advisor’s statement of financial condition) and will promptly supply to the Advisor copies of all amendments or restatements of such document. Otherwise, the Advisor’s rights under federal law allow termination of this contract without penalty within five business days after entering into this contract. U.S. law also requires the Sub-Advisor to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person or entity that opens an account. The Sub-Advisor will ask for the Trust’s legal name, principal place of business address, and Taxpayer Identification or other identification number, and may ask for other identifying information.

  • HSR Notification As soon as practicable after the execution of this ---------------- Agreement, but in any event no later than 30 days after such execution, Seller and Buyer will each complete and file, or cause to be completed and filed, any notification and report required to be filed under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976, as amended (the "HSR Act"); and each such filing will request early termination of the waiting period imposed by the HSR Act. The parties will use their reasonable best efforts to respond as promptly as reasonably practicable to any inquiries received from the Federal Trade Commission (the "FTC") and the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice (the "Antitrust Division") for additional information or documentation and to respond as promptly as reasonably practicable to all inquiries and requests received from any other Governmental Authority in connection with antitrust matters. The parties will use their respective reasonable best efforts to overcome any objections which may be raised by the FTC, the Antitrust Division or any other Governmental Authority having jurisdiction over antitrust matters. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buyer will not be required to make any significant change in the operations or activities of the business (or any material assets employed therein) of Buyer or any of its Affiliates, if Buyer determines in good faith that such change would be materially adverse to the operations or activities of the business (or any material assets employed therein) of Buyer or any of its Affiliates having significant assets, net worth, or revenue. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, if Buyer or Seller, in its sole opinion, considers a request from a governmental agency for additional data and information in connection with the HSR Act to be unduly burdensome, such party may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the other. Within 10 days after receipt of a statement therefor, Seller will reimburse Buyer for one-half of the filing fees payable by Buyer in connection with Buyer's filing under the HSR Act.

  • Prior Notification Unless specifically prohibited by applicable law or court order, each of the Banks and the Agent shall, prior to disclosure thereof, notify the Borrower of any request for disclosure of any such non-public information by any governmental agency or representative thereof (other than any such request in connection with an examination of the financial condition of such Bank by such governmental agency) or pursuant to legal process.

  • Union Notification Whenever a posted position has been filled by hiring from the outside, the Union shall be notified.

  • Written Notification Failing settlement at this level, the Union shall in writing notify the Employer of the alleged discrepancy and the names of the employees involved, and the period of time that such discrepancy is claimed to cover. Upon receipt of such written notice, the Employer agrees to promptly furnish the representative of the Union wage data pertaining to the alleged wage discrepancy.

  • Certain Notifications At all times from the date hereof to the Closing Date, each party shall promptly notify the others in writing of the occurrence of any event that will or may result in the failure to satisfy any of the conditions specified in Article 8 hereof.

  • Required Notifications Each Grantor shall promptly notify the Collateral Agent, in writing, of: (a) any Lien (other than the Security Interests or Permitted Liens) on any of the Collateral which would adversely affect the ability of the Collateral Agent to exercise any of its remedies hereunder, (b) the occurrence of any other event which could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect on the aggregate value of the Collateral or on the Security Interests, (c) any Collateral which, to the knowledge of such Grantor, constitutes a Government Contract, and (d) the acquisition or ownership by such Grantor of any (i) Commercial Tort Claim where the reasonably expected amount to be recovered from such claim exceeds $500,000, (ii) Deposit Account, or (iii) Investment Property after the date hereof.

  • Privacy Notification (1) The authority to request the above personal information from a seller of goods or services or a lessor of real or personal property, and the authority to maintain such information, is found in Section 5 of the State Tax Law. Disclosure of this information by the seller or lessor to the State is mandatory. The principal purpose for which the information is collected is to enable the State to identify individuals, businesses and others who have been delinquent in filing tax returns or may have understated their tax liabilities and to generally identify persons affected by the taxes administered by the Commissioner of Taxation and Finance. The information will be used for tax administration purposes and for any other purpose authorized by law. (2) The personal information is requested by the purchasing unit of the agency contracting to purchase the goods or services or lease the real or personal property covered by this contract or lease. The information is maintained in the Statewide Financial System by the Vendor Management Unit within the Bureau of State Expenditures, Office of the State Comptroller, 110 State Street, Albany, New York 12236.

  • Reasonable Efforts; Notification (a) Upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, each of the parties agrees to use all reasonable efforts to take, or cause to be taken, all actions, and to do, or cause to be done, and to assist and cooperate with the other parties in doing, all things necessary, proper or advisable to consummate and make effective, in the most expeditious manner practicable, the Merger and the other transactions contemplated by this Agreement, including using reasonable efforts to accomplish the following: (i) the taking of all reasonable acts necessary to cause the conditions precedent set forth in Article VI to be satisfied, (ii) the obtaining of all necessary actions or nonactions, waivers, consents, approvals, orders and authorizations from Governmental Entities and the making of all necessary registrations, declarations and filings (including registrations, declarations and filings with Governmental Entities, if any) and the taking of all reasonable steps as may be necessary to avoid any suit, claim, action, investigation or proceeding by any Governmental Entity, (iii) the obtaining of all necessary consents, approvals or waivers from third parties, (iv) the defending of any suits, claims, actions, investigations or proceedings, whether judicial or administrative, challenging this Agreement or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby, including seeking to have any stay or temporary restraining order entered by any court or other Governmental Entity vacated or reversed and (v) the execution or delivery of any additional instruments necessary to consummate the transactions contemplated by, and to fully carry out the purposes of, this Agreement. In connection with and without limiting the foregoing, Company and its Board of Directors shall, if any state takeover statute or similar statute or regulation is or becomes applicable to the Merger, this Agreement or any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, use all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Merger and the other transactions contemplated by this Agreement may be consummated as promptly as practicable on the terms contemplated by this Agreement and otherwise to minimize the effect of such statute or regulation on the Merger, this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to require Parent or Company or any subsidiary or affiliate thereof to agree to any divestiture by itself or any of its affiliates of shares of capital stock or of any business, assets or property, or the imposition of any material limitation on the ability of any of them to conduct their businesses or to own or exercise control of such assets, properties and stock.

  • Antitrust Notification If necessary in connection with the transactions contemplated hereby, each of MSG, ITTF and ITT MSG covenants and agrees to file or cause to be filed with the Federal Trade Commission (the "FTC") and the United States Department of Justice (the "DOJ") the notification and report form, if any, required for the transactions contemplated hereby and any supplemental information requested in connection therewith pursuant to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 (the "HSR Act"). Any such notification and report form and supplemental information shall be in substantial compliance with the requirements of the HSR Act. Each of MSG, ITTF and ITT MSG shall furnish to each other such necessary information and reasonable assistance as the others may reasonably request in connection with the preparation of any filing or submission pursuant to this Section 6. Each of MSG, ITTF and ITT MSG shall keep each other apprised of the status of any communications with, and any inquiries or requests for additional information from, the FTC and the DOJ and shall comply promptly with any such inquiry or request. Each of MSG, ITTF and ITT MSG shall use all reasonable efforts to obtain any necessary clearance required under the HSR Act for the transactions contemplated hereby; provided that MSG shall be solely responsible for any filing fees payable under the HSR Act.