Investment Discretion Sample Clauses

Investment Discretion. The parties recognize that DWR shall have no authority to direct the futures interests investments to be made for the Customer's account. However, the parties agree that DWR, and not the Trading Advisors, shall have the authority and responsibility with regard to the investment, maintenance, and management of the Customer's assets that are held in segregated or secured accounts, as provided in Section 7 hereof.
Investment Discretion. Upon receiving written authorization from the client in our standard client agreement, Creative Planning provides discretionary investment advisory services for client accounts. When discretionary authority is granted, we will have the authority to determine the type of securities and the amount of securities that can be bought or sold for the client portfolio without obtaining the client’s consent for each transaction. We may elect to purchase bonds through bond brokers in order to obtain a better price for the client and then have the bonds delivered into the client's brokerage account. This practice is called "trading away". This is the only case in which we select a broker to be used without specific client consent. The client’s primary broker/dealer-custodian typically charges the client a transaction fee for "trading away" through other brokers. For clients for whom a Sub-Advisor has been engaged, the Sub-Advisor will have discretionary authority to buy, sell, exchange, and otherwise trade securities within the client account. The investment strategies of the Sub- Advisor will be disclosed in their Disclosure Brochure (ADV Part 2A). In limited situations, a client will be allowed to grant trading authorization on a non-discretionary basis. In these cases, we will be required to contact you prior to implementing changes in your account. Therefore, you will be contacted and required to accept or reject our investment recommendations including: • The security being recommended • The number of shares or units • Whether to buy or sell Once the above factors are agreed upon, we will be responsible for making decisions regarding the timing of buying or selling an investment and the price at which the investment is bought or sold. If your accounts are managed on a non-discretionary basis, you need to know that if you are not able to be reached or are slow to respond to our request, it can have an adverse impact on the timing of trade implementations and we may not achieve an optimal trading price. With respect to our Retirement Plan Services, described above, Creative Planning, at the request of a plan sponsor (or plan participant in the case of managed asset allocation models), may be granted limited discretionary authority to select and replace investment alternatives for the plan (or to allocate, reallocate and rebalance model portfolios for plan participants). When such plans are covered by Title I of ERISA, Creative Planning has agreed to provide such...
Investment Discretion. Except as provided in Section 6.1, the Trustee shall have sole and absolute discretion in the management and investment of the fund and in exercising investment responsibility shall have all the duties and powers set forth under Section 5.2. The Company and the Committee shall not have any of the express or implied duties and powers contained in this Trust Agreement with respect to the control, management and investment of Trust assets and shall not have any power to approve or withhold approval of any action by the Trustee with respect to the control, management and investment of the Trust. The Trustee shall have the sole right to retain or discharge Investment Managers and related custodians, and to determine the terms of the engagement of any Investment Manager and related custodian. The Trustee shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to delegate its investment responsibility to an Investment Manager, which may be an affiliate of the Trustee. In the event the Trustee appoints an affiliated Investment Manager, the Trustee shall remain, at all times, responsible for the acts of the affiliated Investment Manager. In all cases, the Trustee may not appoint an Investment Manager if the appointment will increase the cost or expense to be paid by the Company unless the Company consents to the appointment.
Investment Discretion. All amounts contributed to the Contribution Account under this Plan, and any and all earnings thereon may be invested or utilized by the Company as the Company, in its sole and absolute discretion, may determine, including, without limitation, in any aspect of the business or operations of the Company. The Company may exercise this discretion to determine the amount of earnings on any amounts contributed to the Contribution Account for any period.
Investment Discretion. XXX receives discretionary authority from Clients who participate in the AMP by the signature of Client on the AMP Client Agreement at the beginning of an advisory relationship. This enables EFI to select the identity and amount of securities to be bought or sold, then proceed in a timely manner with changes to the Account. The Limited Power of Attorney agreed upon by the Client is limited to the purchase and sale of securities, including the trading of options, if applicable, and includes the authorization for management fees to be paid to EFI from Account. Subject to any investment restrictions or guidelines which may be communicated to EFI by the Client, EFI will have full discretion and authority, without obtaining the Client’s prior approval, to manage the investment and reinvestment of the Account and will use its best efforts to increase the value of the Account by investing and reinvesting in such a manner as EFI considers appropriate. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, EFI may take the following actions with respect to the Account: (i) to effect purchases, sales and otherwise trade in any instrument generally known as a security and any options thereon (if covered) and, if requested by Client, to engage in short sales, margin transactions and uncovered option transactions; (ii) to make all decisions relating to the manner, method and timing of investment transactions, and (iii) to execute, in the name and on behalf of the Client, all such documents and to take all such other actions which EFI considers necessary or advisable to carry out its duties hereunder. Client authorizes EFI to take all necessary action to effect securities transactions for the Account. This grant of discretion will remain in full force and effect until terminated by Client or EFI pursuant to this Agreement, or until EFI receives notice of Client’s death. The termination of this grant of discretion will constitute a termination of this Agreement. If, in the event of Client’s death, EFI acts in good faith pursuant to this grant of discretion without actual knowledge of Client’s death, any action so taken, unless otherwise invalid or unenforceable, will be binding on Client’s successors in interest. In all cases, discretion is exercised in a manner consistent with the stated investment objectives, guidelines, or limitations previously provided by the Client and agreed to by EFI. It is the Client’s responsibility to advise EFI of any changes in the Client’s inves...
Investment Discretion. Subject to Section 5.1, the assets of the Trust shall be invested and reinvested, without distinction between principal and income, at such time or times in such investments and pursuant to such investment strategies or courses of action and in such shares and proportions, as the Asset Managers, in their sole discretion, shall deem advisable.
Investment Discretion. Pursuant to the terms of the investment management agreements with Clients, SPARROW is not required to obtain specific Client consent regarding specific securities to be bought or sold. XXXXXXX assumes all investment duties with respect to assets held in Clients’ accounts and has all investment powers, including sole investment authority. Notwithstanding, XXXXXXX may take investment direction from a Client from time to time (e.g., honoring a request that a security be held to qualify for a long-term capital gain rather sold for a short-term capital gain). In addition, Clients may request that SPARROW refrain from investing in certain companies or industries for their portfolio (e.g., tobacco, gambling).
Investment Discretion. The Broker shall have no authority or responsibility to direct the Commodity Interests to be purchased or sold for the account of any Series. 8.
Investment Discretion. Hyas Group has received discretionary authority from a few clients at the outset of the advisory relationship to select the identity and amount of securities to be bought or sold. In all cases, however, such discretion is to be exercised in a manner consistent with the stated investment objectives for the particular client account. When selecting securities and determining amounts, Hyas Group observes the investment policies, limitations and restrictions of the clients for which it advises. For registered investment companies, Hyas Group’s authority to trade securities may also be limited by certain federal securities and tax laws that require diversifications of investments and favor the holding of investments once made. Investment guidelines and restrictions must be provided to Hyas Group in writing. Item 17 - Voting Client Securities Hyas Group provides investment management services to clients that include, among others, corporate and public pension plans, foundations, and endowments. Unless otherwise stated in the client agreement, Hyas does not vote proxies for clients. For those clients over which Hyas has discretion and therefore has proxy voting authority, Hyas considers proxy voting an important part of those management services. As such, Hyas seeks to vote the proxies of mutual funds and/or securities held by clients in the best interest of those clients. Hyas believes the best interests of clients are served by voting proxies in a way that maximizes long term shareholder value. Therefore, the investment professionals responsible for voting proxies have the discretion to make the best decision given the individual facts and circumstances of each issue. Proxy issues are evaluated on their merits and considered in the context of the professional’s knowledge of a mutual fund or company, its current management, management’s past record and Hyas’s general position on the issue. As the management of a portfolio company is responsible for its day-to-day operations, Hyas believes that management, subject to the oversight of the relevant board of directors, is often in the best position to make decisions that serve the interest of shareholders. However, Hyas votes against management on proposals where it perceives a conflict may exist between management and client interests, such as those that may insulate management or diminish shareholder rights. Hyas Group also votes against management in other cases where the facts and circumstances indicate that the...
Investment Discretion. The Trustee shall invest and re-invest the Trust Property in any investment that RBC Dominion Securities Inc. considers advisable.