Service Provider definition

Service Provider means an Employee, Director or Consultant.
Service Provider s Tender” means the completed Tendering Document submitted by the Service Provider to the Procuring Entity
Service Provider means, with respect to any Person, any current, former or future employee, officer, consultant, independent contractor or director of such Person.

Examples of Service Provider in a sentence

  • These records will remain on file for at least 5 years with the Mediation Service Provider.

  • In the event the Customer terminates the Agreement, the Customer shall remain obligated to pay the Service Provider for any Services performed up to the date of termination.

  • In support of services outlined in this Agreement, the Service Provider will respond to service related incidents and/or requests submitted by the Customer within the following time frames: ● Phone support during business hours ● Within 2 business days for email support requests 6.

  • In the event the Service Provider terminates the Agreement, the Service Provider shall reimburse the Customer any amounts previously paid to the Service Provider for which the Service Provider has not yet performed the Services.

  • The Service Provider shall perform the services listed in this Section 1 (the “Services”).

More Definitions of Service Provider

Service Provider means an Employee, Director, or Consultant.
Service Provider means a cellular service provider(s) with whom the depository has entered / will be entering into an arrangement for providing the SMS alerts to the BO.
Service Provider means companies that we have engaged (and their Affiliates) to render some or all of the Service to you on our behalf.
Service Provider means an employee, officer or director of the Company or an Affiliate, or a consultant or adviser currently providing services to the Company or an Affiliate.
Service Provider s Bid” means the completed bidding document submitted by the Service Provider to the Employer
Service Provider means a Service Provider who responds to a Solicitation.
Service Provider means a person lawfully appointed by a municipality or other organ of state to carry out, manage or implement any service, work or function on behalf of or by the direction of such municipality or organ of state;