Investment Directions Sample Clauses

Investment Directions. Except as provided in this Section and Section 3.2 below, the Committee shall provide the Trustee with all investment instructions. The Trustee shall neither affect nor change investments of the Trust Fund, except as directed in writing by the Committee; provided, that the Trustee may (i) deposit cash on hand from time to time in any bank savings account, certificate of deposit, or other instrument creating a deposit liability for a bank, including the Trustee's own banking department, if the Trustee is a bank, without such prior direction, or (ii) invest in government securities, bonds with specific ratings, equities, or mutual funds composed of such investments, all within broad investment guidelines established by the Committee from time to time. The Trustee shall have no right, duty or responsibility to recommend investments or investment changes. The Trustee shall not be liable in any manner for any reason for any loss or other unfavorable investment results arising from its compliance with the investment instructions of the Committee and shall not indemnify the Company or any Subsidiaries for any damages, costs or attorney's fees arising from or attributable to any investment directed by the Committee prior to a Change in Control.
Investment Directions. The parties agree that the Transfer Agent shall have no investment responsibility or liability for the selection of investments made by Employers or Participants with respect to any SIMPLE IRAs. The Transfer Agent will accept investment directions from Participants regarding their SIMPLE XXX. Employers of the SIMPLE IRAs shall deliver directions to Transfer Agent regarding the investment of the SIMPLE IRAs' assets for which no Participant directions are received or where implementing Participant directions is administratively infeasible.
Investment Directions. In order to provide for an accumulation of --------------------- assets comparable to the contractual liabilities accruing under the Plan, the Sponsor may direct the Trustee in writing to invest the assets held in the Trust to correspond to the hypothetical investments made for Participants under the Plan. Such directions may be made by Plan Participants by use of a Participant service representative, the VRS, the internet or such other electronic means as may be agreed upon from time to time by the Sponsor and the Trustee, maintained for such purposes by the Trustee or its agents, in accordance with Schedule "E." In the event that the Trustee fails to receive a proper direction from the Sponsor or from Participants, the assets in question shall be invested in Fidelity Retirement Government Money Market Portfolio until the Trustee receives a proper direction. The Sponsor's designation of available investment options, the maintenance of accounts for each Plan Participant and the crediting of investments to such accounts, the giving of investment directions by Participants, and the exercise by Participants of any other powers relating to investments are solely for the purpose of providing a mechanism for measuring the obligation of the Sponsor to any particular Participant under the applicable Plan. No Participant or beneficiary will have any preferential claim to or beneficial ownership interest in any asset or investment, and the rights of any Participant and his or her beneficiaries under the applicable Plan and this Agreement are solely those of an unsecured general creditor of the Sponsor with respect to the benefits of the Participant under the Plan.
Investment Directions. Directions for the investment or reinvestment of Trust assets or directions of a type referred to in Section 5.03 from the Employer, the Named Investment Fiduciary, an Investment Manager or a Plan participant or beneficiary, as the case may be, shall, in a manner and in accordance with procedures acceptable to the Trustee, be communicated to and implemented by, as the case may be, the Trustee, the Trustee's designee or, with the Trustee's consent, the broker/dealer designated for the purpose by the Employer or the Named Investment Fiduciary. Communication of any such direction to such a designee or broker/dealer shall conclusively be deemed an authorization to the designee or broker/dealer to implement the direction even though coming from a person other than the Trustee. The Trustee shall have no liability for its or any other person's following such directions or failing to act in the absence of any such directions. The Trustee shall have no liability for the acts or omissions of any person directing the investment or reinvestment of Trust Fund assets or making or failing to make any direction referred to in Section 5.03. Neither shall the Trustee have any duty or obligation to review any such investment or other direction, act or omission or, except upon receipt of a proper direction, to invest or otherwise manage any asset of the Trust which is subject to the control of any such person or to exercise any voting or other right referred to in Section 5.03.
Investment Directions. The Committee may direct the investment of the Fund, by written directions to the Trustee, but such direction shall not be inconsistent with the provisions of this Plan, of the Act or of the Code.
Investment Directions. In order to provide for an accumulation of assets comparable to the contractual liabilities accruing under the Plan, the Sponsor may direct the Trustee in writing to invest the assets held in the Trust to correspond to the hypothetical investments made for Participants in accordance with their direction under the Plan.
Investment Directions. All Investment Directions and other Instructions must be delivered to the Custodian in such manner as the Custodian may reasonably require. If, for any reason, Mutual Fund Shares are not available for investment hereunder, the Custodian or Program Sponsor shall so advise the Participant. Until the Participant submits new written Investment Directions, any Contributions will be temporarily allocated to a default fund selected by the Program Sponsor. A Participant’s Contribution will be transferred out of the default fund upon receipt by the Custodian of a proper Instruction that may be implemented hereunder.
Investment Directions. Investments in which the Accounts of Participants shall be treated as invested and reinvested shall be directed (check one):
Investment Directions. (a) Responsibility for directing the Trustee with respect to the investment of the Trust Fund shall be allocated to the Employer, or a named fiduciary appointed by the Employer for that purpose (the "Named Investment Fiduciary"), the Participants, or any investment manager (an "Investment Manager"), who meets the requirements of Section 3(38) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) appointed by the Named Investment Fiduciary, all as provided in the Plan (including the Adoption Agreement). To the extent investment responsibility is allocated to the Participant, the Designated Beneficiary of a deceased Participant shall discharge the responsibility subsequent to the Participant's death and any reference to the Participant in any provision of the Plan pertaining to investment directions shall in such event be construed as a reference to the Designated Beneficiary.