Investment Manager definition

Investment Manager or “Manager” shall mean a party furnishing services to the Trust pursuant to any contract described in Section 4.8 hereof;
Investment Manager means an entity that (a) has the power to manage, acquire, or dispose of Plan assets and (b) acknowledges fiduciary responsibility to the Plan in writing. Such entity must be a person, firm, or corporation registered as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, a bank, or an insurance company.
Investment Manager or "Manager" means a party furnishing services to the Trust pursuant to any contract described in Article IV, Section 7(a) hereof;

Examples of Investment Manager in a sentence

  • Additional Sustainability-Related Disclosures ADVERSE IMPACT INDICATORS:The Investment Manager shall consider the principal adverse impacts (PAI) of investment decisions on sustainability factors as defined by SFDR.

  • However, when ESG information from such third-party data providers is unavailable, or the Investment Manager considers such ESG information to be incomplete or is in disagreement with respect to a specific corporate issuer, the Investment Manager may carry out and apply its own analysis in line with the applicable investment guidelines of the Sub-Fund.

  • The Investment Manager will exclude direct investment in corporate issuers which have exposure to, or ties with, certain sectors as described below.

  • The benchmark is used to compare the performance of the Sub-Fund.The Investment Manager can, however, make investments for the Sub-Fund at his or her own discretion and the portfolio of the Sub-Fund is, therefore, likely to deviate significantly from the composition of the benchmark.

  • They cover all key areas of business responsibility, including human rights, labor rights, environment, bribery, consumer interests, as well as information disclosure, science and technology, competition, and taxation.The Investment Manager believes that these principles should be respected regardless of where a company is active.

More Definitions of Investment Manager

Investment Manager means any individual, or group of individuals, employed to manage the investments of all or part of the Fund assets.
Investment Manager means any Fiduciary other than a Trustee or Named Fiduciary who (i) has the power to manage, acquire or dispose of any asset of the Plan; (ii) is (a) registered as an investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940; (b) is a bank, as defined in such Act, or (c) is an insurance company qualified to perform the services described in clause (i) hereof under the laws of more than one state of the United States; and (iii) has acknowledged in writing that he is a Fiduciary with respect to the Plan.
Investment Manager when used in any provision, means the person or entity who has discretionary authority over the investment of the Available Securities to which the provision applies.
Investment Manager means any person, firm or corporation appointed by the ICAV from time to time in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank and for the time being providing investment management and/or investment advisory services to the ICAV.
Investment Manager means Wilmington Trust, N.A., acting solely in its role as the professional investment manager of Trust Assets in accordance with subparagraph 3.2.2 of this State Trust Agreement and the Investment Management Agreement entered into on the Trust Effective Date. In subparagraphs 2.2.4,, 3.5.3 (last sentence), 3.5.6, and 3.5.7 of the State Trust Agreement, each reference to the Investment Manager shall include the Investment Manager and its officers, directors, and employees.
Investment Manager means such party appointed from time to time to act as investment manager in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank and as set out in the relevant Supplement, provided that each Investment Manager may appoint sub-investment managers and/or sub-investment advisors to manage any portion of the assets of any Fund in accordance with the requirements of the Central Bank Rules;