Health Examinations Sample Clauses

Health Examinations. The Employer shall provide at no cost to the employee, such medical tests, health examinations and surveillance/monitoring as may be required as a condition of employment and/or as a result of regulated hazards encountered after employment.
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Health Examinations. The Department will provide at no cost to the employee an annual TB test (including chest x-ray when medically indicated) and regular Hepatitis B vaccination in accordance with normal medical practice. The Department will also provide at no cost to the employee any vaccinations or medical tests required as a condition of employment. Upon request, and as determined by the employer, additional tests and vaccinations may be provided.
Health Examinations. Physical examinations shall be required for all permanent employees and all temporary employees who will be working with or near students. Examinations shall be required within thirty (30) days of initial employment and every subsequent three (3) years thereafter. If proof of physical examination is not provided, the employee shall be dismissed. The Board of Education may request a physical or psychological examination of any employee at any time. Physical examinations are not required for part-time employees, if they do not work in close contact with students or in the school cafeteria. All employees are required to undergo annual tests to detect active cases of pulmonary tuberculosis in accordance with Alaska Law (currently 4 AAC 27.215). Employees who have had a positive skin test in the past, but who have been determined by a health care provider as not having an active case of tuberculosis, shall file annually with the District a Tuberculosis Control Program Screening of School Employees form completed by a health care provider. Employees having a positive skin test for the first time shall receive additional screening and testing as required by a health care provider. Physical examinations shall be performed by a licensed physician or by a community health practitioner.
Health Examinations. G. There shall not be a lump-sum payment for any unused accumulated illness allowance upon separation from service.
Health Examinations a. If an employee is absent from duty because of illness or injury for more than five (5) consecutive days, the employee must, before returning to duty, submit a written medical clearance and verification of illness or injury from his/her own attending physician. Said verification and clearance must be submitted to his/her immediate supervisor immediately upon return to service. Nothing in this Article shall be construed to limit management from requiring employees to obtain such medical clearance or medical verification for absences of less than five (5) days, if the District deems necessary, provided that management notify the employee of such a requirement in advance or at the beginning of the leave.
Health Examinations. When required by the Executive Director, the Nurse will submit to a physical examination, stool examination and/or culture; including laboratory tests, x- rays, inoculations and vaccinations, it being understood that the examinations may be conducted by the Nurse’s own personal physician and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Nurses agree to submit to any examination required from time to time by the Public Hospital’s Act, R.S.O., 1970, Chapter 378, and amendments thereof and or regulations thereto.
Health Examinations. SECTION 1: As a condition of continued employment, upon initial hiring and every year thereafter, all employees must submit a recent chest x-ray or skin test showing that the person is free from tuberculosis. The Board will pay for the skin test and/or chest x-ray, provided the tests are taken at the Oakland County Health Center.
Health Examinations. A. New employees may be required, prior to employment, to have a complete physical examination at Agency expense by a doctor or clinic designated by the Agency. The results of the examination shall be made known to the employee.
Health Examinations. 15.1 Each employee shall have a tuberculin test as governed by State Statute.
Health Examinations. Any health examinations which are periodically required to maintain employment, shall be paid for by the Board.