Physical Examinations Sample Clauses

Physical Examinations. Where the Employer requires an employee to take a physical examination, doctor's fees for such examination shall be paid by the Employer. Except prior to commencement of employment and the first four (4) weeks of employment, such examinations shall be taken during the employee's working hours without loss of pay to the employee.
Physical Examinations. The Company and/or Insurer reserves the right to require periodic physical examinations throughout the duration of the employee’s absence due to disability. Such examinations shall be conducted by a medical practitioner, designated by the Company and/or Insurer. Cost of the physical examinations, transportation, and reasonable out-of-pocket expenses related thereto will be paid by the Insurer.
Physical Examinations. The District agrees to provide the full cost of any medical examination required by the District as a condition of employment or continued employment, including but not limited to, the provisions outlined in Education Code Section 88021 or its successor.
Physical Examinations. The Insurer, at its own expense, shall have the right and opportunity to examine any Insured whose illness or injury is the basis of a claim, when and as often as considered necessary by the Insurer during the pendency of the claim. In the case of death, the Insurer has the right to request an autopsy at a facility of its choice.
Physical Examinations. The insurer shall have the right and opportunity to request a physical examination at its own expense, of any insured whose illness or injury is the basis of a claim, when and as often as considered necessary by the insurer before the claim is agreed.
Physical Examinations. Permanent full-time employees shall be entitled to a physical examination by appointment at Xxxxxxxxx Medical Center on a biennial basis (i.e., an examination every other year). Results of the examination shall be treated confidentially.
Physical Examinations. Section 1. The City may require any of its employees to submit at any time to a physical examination by a physician duly licensed to practice as such.
Physical Examinations. All employees, upon initial employment, may be required to present evidence of physical ability to perform duties assigned and of being free from communicable diseases. Such evidence, if required, shall be obtained from a licensed physician of the employee's choice. The cost of such examination shall rest with the employee. The Board may require a subsequent physical or psychological examination by a physician, or clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, respectively, licensed in Florida, when in its judgment such an examination is relevant to teaching performance or employment status.
Physical Examinations. 55.1 In order to be eligible for employment with ANAHEIM, candidates shall be required to pass a physical examination, the character of which shall be in accordance with standards established by the Human Resources Director.