Physical Examination Sample Clauses

Physical Examination. The Employer, at its own expense, shall have the right and be given the opportunity to have a medical doctor appointed by the Employer examine, as often as it may reasonably require, any employee whose injury, sickness, mental or nervous disorder is the basis of claim upon this Plan.
Physical Examination. Employees shall be granted one day's leave with pay for the purpose of undergoing any physical examination that may be required in connection with entering the Armed Forces. An extension of such paid leave, not exceeding two additional days, may be approved by the agency if the employee certified in writing that more than one day is required to complete the examination.
Physical Examination. If either DDR or Executive, at any time or from time to time after receipt of notice of Executive’s Total Disability from the other, desires to contend that Executive is not Totally Disabled, Executive will promptly submit to a physical examination by the chief of medicine of any major accredited hospital in the Cleveland, Ohio area and, unless that physician issues his or her written statement to the effect that, in his or her opinion, based on his or her diagnosis, Executive is capable of resuming Executive’s Own Occupation and devoting Executive’s full time and energy to discharging the duties of Executive’s Own Occupation, Executive will be deemed to be and to continue to be Totally Disabled for all purposes of this Agreement.
Physical Examination. Any regular or provisional employee shall be allowed time off with no loss in pay for the time required to receive a physical examination or re-examination as ordered by provisions of a national conscription act or by any branch of the National or State military services.
Physical Examination. The Superintendent may voluntarily undergo a physical examination. The Superintendent agrees that he will authorize the physician performing each such examination to provide the Board with all records, results and medical judgments of the examination. Up to $100 of the cost of such physical examination and physician's reports which are not paid for by the Superintendent's insurance coverage shall be paid by the District.
Physical Examination. Section 1. The City shall furnish each bargaining unit employee a physical examination at no cost to the employee. The examination shall be voluntary with each employee. One notice will be sent to each employee indicating availability of the examination. This notice will be based on the current schedule and having the frequency listed below. Once notice is received the employee will have thirty (30) days to schedule the examination. All employees over forty (40) years of age shall be notified of their eligibility to have a physical every year and those employees under forty (40) years of age shall be notified of their eligibility to have a physical once every three (3) years. Scheduling of examinations shall be the responsibility of the employee. Because of working hours, some officers will be required to take their physical on their own time. No overtime, neither pay nor compensatory time, will be granted.
Physical Examination. Any employee, whose condition of physical or mental health is thought to be adverse to the welfare of the public or other employees may be required to undergo a health examination by a licensed physician, at the expense of the School District. The procedure to be followed under this section is to be identical to those procedures stated in M.S. 125.12, Subd. 7.
Physical Examination. The District agrees to provide the full cost of any medical examination required as a condition of employment or continued employment, including but not limited to, the provisions outlined in Education Code Section 45122.
Physical Examination. County will provide at no cost to employees any physical or medical examinations, including chest x-rays, required by County in relation to employment.
Physical Examination. Executive shall be entitled to receive reimbursement for the cost of one general physical examination per twelve (12) month period during the term of the Agreement from a physician chosen by Executive in his reasonable discretion.