Entry Into Sample Clauses

Entry Into. Journeyman Standards ............... Leaders ....................................... Purpose of Appendix 1 Seniority: .................................... ...............................
Entry Into. Journeyman Standards ..... Leaders .......................
Entry Into. Force This Agreement shall enter into force thirty (30) days after the deposit of the instruments of ratification by all the Member States. Article 47 Accession This Agreement shall, subject to Article 6, remain open for accession by any other State. Article 48 Depositary This Agreement and all instruments of ratification or accession shall be deposited with the Executive Secretary, who shall transmit certified copies thereof to all Member States. Article 49 Withdrawal If a Member State wishes to withdraw from this Agreement that Member State shall give notice thereof to all the other Member States. If after consultation the Member States fail to agree on the date and conditions of the withdrawal, this Agreement shall remain in force until twelve (12) months from the date of such notice and shall then cease to apply to the withdrawing Member State. Article 50 Transitional Provisions A commission, technical liaison committee or any other institution, obligation or arrangement of SACU which exists immediately before the entry into force of this Agreement shall, to the extent that it is not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, continue to subsist, operate of bind Member States of SACU as if it were established or undertaken under this Agreement, until the Council determines otherwise. The Council of Ministers shall determine, on the basis of updated figures, how payments of adjustments under the 1969 SACU Agreement revenue sharing formula will be made. Article 51
Entry Into. MLIB shall be entitled but not bound to act on the request of the Borrower to enter into an FX Transaction.
Entry Into. This Agreement shall be approved according to the constitutional requirements of each Contracting Party and shall enter into force after the date of receipt through diplomatic channels of the last written notification confirming that all the internal procedures required for the entry into force of this Agreement have been completed by each Contracting Party. In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorized thereto by their respective Governments have signed the present Agreement. DONE in two original copies at in the Kazakh, Finnish, English and Russian languages. In the event of any divergence of interpretation, the English text shall prevail.
Entry Into force This Agreement shall enter into force when it has been signed on behalf of governments whose minimum subscriptions comprise not less than sixty-five percent of the total subscriptions set forth in Schedule A and when the instruments referred to in Section 2 ( a ) of this Article have been deposited on their behalf, but in no event shall this Agreement enter into force before May 1, 1945. MEMBERSHIP OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL ORGANISATIONS g CAP. 235. 39 SECTION 2. Signature ( a ) Each government on whose behalf this Agreement is signed shall deposit with the Government of the United States of America an instrument setting forth that it has accepted this Agreement in accordance with its law and has taken all steps necessary to enable it to carry out all of its obligations under this Agreement. ( b ) Each government shall become a member of the Bank as from the date of the deposit on its behalf of the instrument referred to in ( a ) above, except that no government shall become a member before this Agreement enters into force under Section 1 of this Article. ( c ) The Government of the United States of America shall inform the governments of all countries whose names are set forth in Schedule A, and all governments whose membership is approved in accordance with Article II, Section 1 ( b ) , of all signatures of this Agreement and of the deposit of all instruments referred to in ( a ) above. ( d ) At the time this Agreement is signed on its behalf, each government shall transmit to the Government of the United States of America one one-hundredth of one percent of the price of each share in gold or United States dollars for the purpose of meeting administrative expenses of the Bank. This payment shall be credited on account of the payment to be made in accordance with Article II, Section 8 ( a ) . The Government of the United States of America shall hold such funds in a special deposit account and shall transmit them to the Board of Governors of the Bank when the initial meeting has been called under Section 3 of this Article. If this Agreement has not come into force by December 31, 1945, the Government of the United States of America shall return such funds to the governments that transmitted them. ( e ) This Agreement shall remain open for signature at Washington on behalf of the governments of the countries whose names are set forth in Schedule A until December 31, 1945. ( f ) After December 31, 1945, this Agreement shall be open for signature on be...
Entry Into force This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of the latter note of an exchange of diplomatic notes between the Parties confirming that each Party has completed its domestic requirements necessary for entry into force of the Agreement. Any particular Implementation Procedures executed by the Parties shall enter into force on the date of the written notification by which Australia advises the United States that its domestic requirements necessary for entry into force of those Implementation Procedures have been completed.

Related to Entry Into

  • Entry into Force 1. Each of the Contracting States shall notify to the other the completion of the procedures required by its law for the bringing into force of this Agreement. The Agreement shall enter into force on the date of receipt of the later of these notifications.

  • Entry into effect 2.3.1 Clauses 1 (other than Clause 1.5), 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 and Conditions 1, 100 and 102 shall come into effect and be binding on the parties immediately upon this Agreement being signed and dated by the parties.

  • Book-Entry System Provided (i) the Bank has received a certified copy of a resolution of the Board specifically approving deposits of Fund assets in the Book-Entry System, and (ii) for any subsequent changes to such arrangements following such approval, the Board has reviewed and approved the arrangement and has not delivered an Officer's Certificate to the Bank indicating that the Board has withdrawn its approval:

  • Book-Entry Interests The Certificates, on original issuance, will be issued in the form of one or more, fully registered Global Certificates, to be delivered to the Depositary by, or on behalf of, the Company. Such Global Certificate shall initially be registered on the books and records of the Company in the name of Cede & Co., the nominee of the Depositary, and no Beneficial Owner will receive a definitive Certificate representing such Beneficial Owner's interest in such Global Certificate, except as provided in Section 3.9. The Agent shall enter into an agreement with the Depositary if so requested by the Company. Unless and until definitive, fully registered Certificates have been issued to Beneficial Owners pursuant to Section 3.9:

  • Transfer to a safe job 23.10.1 Where an employee is pregnant and, in the opinion of a registered medical practitioner, illness or risks arising out of the pregnancy or hazards connected with the work assigned to the employee make it inadvisable for the employee to continue at her present work, the employee will, if Australia Post deems it practicable, be transferred to a safe job at the rate and on the conditions attaching to that job until the commencement of maternity leave.

  • Entry Date The Entry Date shall mean:

  • Book-Entry Systems The Depositary shall make arrangements for the acceptance of the ADSs into DTC. All ADSs held through DTC will be registered in the name of the nominee for DTC (currently “Cede & Co.”). As such, the nominee for DTC will be the only “Holder” of all ADSs held through DTC. Unless issued by the Depositary as Uncertificated ADSs, the ADSs registered in the name of Cede & Co. will be evidenced by one or more ADR(s) in the form of a “Balance Certificate,” which will provide that it represents the aggregate number of ADSs from time to time indicated in the records of the Depositary as being issued hereunder and that the aggregate number of ADSs represented thereby may from time to time be increased or decreased by making adjustments on such records of the Depositary and of DTC or its nominee as hereinafter provided. Citibank, N.A. (or such other entity as is appointed by DTC or its nominee) may hold the “Balance Certificate” as custodian for DTC. Each Beneficial Owner of ADSs held through DTC must rely upon the procedures of DTC and the DTC Participants to exercise or be entitled to any rights attributable to such ADSs. The DTC Participants shall for all purposes be deemed to have all requisite power and authority to act on behalf of the Beneficial Owners of the ADSs held in the DTC Participants’ respective accounts in DTC and the Depositary shall for all purposes be authorized to rely upon any instructions and information given to it by DTC Participants. So long as ADSs are held through DTC or unless otherwise required by law, ownership of beneficial interests in the ADSs registered in the name of the nominee for DTC will be shown on, and transfers of such ownership will be effected only through, records maintained by (i) DTC or its nominee (with respect to the interests of DTC Participants), or (ii) DTC Participants or their nominees (with respect to the interests of clients of DTC Participants). Any distributions made, and any notices given, by the Depositary to DTC under the terms of the Deposit Agreement shall (unless otherwise specified by the Depositary) satisfy the Depositary’s obligations under the Deposit Agreement to make such distributions, and give such notices, in respect of the ADSs held in DTC (including, for avoidance of doubt, to the DTC Participants holding the ADSs in their DTC accounts and to the Beneficial Owners of such ADSs).

  • Book Entry Assets Investments which are represented by book-entry may be so held in an account maintained by the Book-Entry Agent on behalf of the Custodian, a Subcustodian or another agent of the Custodian, or a Securities Depository.

  • Distribution of Contract Within thirty (30) days after the execution of this contract, the District shall print or duplicate and provide without charge a copy of this contract to every employee of the bargaining unit. The District shall provide any employee who becomes a member of the bargaining unit after the execution of this Agreement with a copy of this Agreement without charge at the time of employment. The District shall provide each employee in the bargaining unit without charge with a copy of any written changes agreed to by the parties to this Agreement during the life of this Agreement.

  • Entry into force and termination 1. This Agreement and its amendments shall enter into force 60 days after the date the Parties exchange written notifications certifying that they have completed their respective legal requirements for its entry into force or after such other period as the Parties may agree in written notification. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, it does not apply retroactively. 2. Either Party may terminate this Agreement by written notification to the other Party. This Agreement shall expire 180 days after the date of such notification.