Economic Development Sample Clauses

Economic Development. 1. The Parties aim to promote balanced economic growth, poverty reduction and the reduction of social-economic disparities.
Economic Development. Description - Provide community and business development services, as well as natural gas development services. Analyze community and business development opportunities. Expected Allocation Factors - 1) number of customers; 2) sales [kwh and dekatherm]; 3) total capitalization; and 4) total assets
Economic Development. The Company is committed to the principle of stimulating, cultivating and strengthening the participation and representation of persons of color, women and members of other under-represented groups within the Company and in the local business community. The Company believes that increased participation and representation of under-represented groups will lead to mutual and sustainable benefits for the local economy. The Company is committed also to the principle that the success and economic well-being of the Company is closely tied to the economic strength and vitality of the diverse communities and people it serves. The Company believes that contributing to the development of a viable and sustainable economic base among all Company customers is in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders.
Economic Development. As a part of its ongoing function, the WisDOT Tribal Task Force will work with all appropriate groups, agencies, and committees to create infrastructure development, entrepreneurial assistance, and youth development programs meaningful to each partner.
Economic Development. The Department of Economic Development will assist the Purchasing Division by providing MBES, WBES and SBS with information regarding the resources available to them and by referring such businesses to the Purchasing Division for additional information. The Department of Economic Development will also include MBES, WBES and SBS in any programs it has to introduce and familiarize businesses with opportunities in the City.
Economic Development. Tickets shall be distributed first to individuals and organizations responsible for, or as prospects for, the following in the Xxxxx County, Nevada region: (i) generating economic activity, (ii) creating jobs, (iii) increasing tourism and (iv) other general economic development and tourism activities that promote and market the Xxxxx County, Nevada region. The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (the “LVGEA”) and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (the “LVCVA”) shall each receive tickets to one (1) regular season team game per year and each shall have the choice in determining which game to attend prior to any games being awarded to other applicants. The LVGEA and the LVCVA shall alternate each year in who chooses first, with the LVCVA choosing first in the first year of operation of the Stadium. Tickets for the remaining applicants will be allocated through a lottery process whereby the name of an organization is paired with the drawing of a particular game or event. In no event shall the Authority distribute tickets to more than four (4) regular season team games annually to individuals or organizations representing economic development purposes. In the event that there is a shortage of qualified economic development applicants, the unallocated tickets shall be utilized for community support or civic fundraising purposes.
Economic Development. 5.1.4 Governance
Economic Development. The following Business Assistance Services and Economic Development activities shall be provided by CHAMBER on an annual basis:
Economic Development. The Parties agree that economic development expenses up to $70,000 shall be equally shared by shareholders ($35,000) and customers ($35,000). Expenses shall include, but not be limited to, all South Dakota expenses and monetary contributions deemed to be a benefit to economic development in the NorthWestern Energy South Dakota electric territory. On an annual basis, no later than March 31 of each year, NorthWestern will submit with the Commission a filing which describes the actual cost, design, and benefits of each cost of NorthWestern’s Economic Development programs in the previous calendar year and the projected cost, design, and benefits of each cost to NorthWestern’s Economic Development programs in the current calendar year. The Commission may determine that some of the programs are not appropriate for purposes of 50% rate recovery. If the remaining programs cost less than $70,000 at the end of a program year, the unspent costs shall be “carried over” into the next program year for Commission approval of expenditure or other efficient method as the Commission determines to be appropriate. No carry over shall occur for amounts spent annually in excess of $70,000.
Economic Development. The Town and the University will continue to explore and pursue economic development opportunities of benefit to the Town, the University and the region.