Private Capital definition

Private Capital means, if the Issuer is Matching Private Investment Supported (as defined in the Definitive Agreement), the equity capital received by the Issuer or the applicable Affiliate of the Issuer from one or more non-governmental investors in accordance with Section 1.3(m) of the Definitive Agreement.
Private Capital has the meaning set forth in the definition of Capital Under Management in Section 1.5 above.
Private Capital means, if the Corporation is Matching Private Investment Supported, the equity capital received by the Corporation or the applicable Affiliate of the Corporation from one or more non-governmental investors in accordance with Section 1.3(m) of the Definitive Agreement. (Bank/Thrift)

Examples of Private Capital in a sentence

  • Portfolio managers in Mellon Private Capital Management are generally ADMs; other personal trust officers are generally not ADMs unless the investment discretion they exercise warrants ADM designation.

  • Regulatory Capital means Private Capital, excluding non-cash as- sets contributed to a Licensee or a li- cense applicant, and non-cash assets purchased by a license applicant, un- less such assets have been converted to cash or have been approved by SBA for inclusion in Regulatory Capital.

  • You may not accept any capital contribution made with funds borrowed by a Person seeking to own an equity interest (whether direct or indirect, beneficial or of record) of at least 10 percent of your Private Capital.

  • On January 6, 2020, the Company entered into a loan agreement with Windsor Private Capital (“Windsor”), a Toronto-based merchant bank, for a senior secured, non-revolving term credit facility (“the Facility”) in the amount of up to $10,000.

  • At the start of his career, Mr. Candolfini held a portfolio manager and hedge fund analyst position at ING Private Capital Management in Luxembourg for three years.

  • He sits on the board of several companies and is Managing Partner at AIP Private Capital.

  • This non-cash accounting charge primarily relates to warrants issued to Windsor Private Capital in connection with the loan agreement entered into on January 6, 2020.

  • Points will be awarded as follows:o Inclusion of Private Capital and Soft Debt Funds – The Agency may award up to eight(8) points for the inclusion of permanent amortizing debt and soft financing which may include financing from state or local programs, nonprofit organizations, private capital, and permanent funding from foundations and/or federal programs.

  • In addition, the increase must have been expressly provided for in a plan of operations submitted to and approved by SBA in writing, or must be the result of the takedown of commitments or the conversion of non- cash assets that were included in your Private Capital.

  • Through its Africa Private Capital Group, USAID also facilitates development-focused financing, including though efforts to foster local municipal bond and pension fund investment in public goods and services.

More Definitions of Private Capital

Private Capital shall have the meaning ascribed to that term in the SBA regulations in effect as of the date hereof (which regulations define Private Capital to exclude unrealized gains and losses).
Private Capital means the subsidiaries and affiliates of the Company that serve as investment manager, general partner or managing member of one or more of the Funds.
Private Capital. 5 1.30 "Regulatory Capital" 5 1.31 "SBA" 5 1.32 "SBIC" 5 1.33 "SBIC Act" 5 1.34 "Security" or "Securities" 5 1.35 "Securities Act" 5 1.36 "Small Business" 5 1.37 "Treasury Regulations" 5 2. Organization 5 2.1 Formation 5
Private Capital shall have the meaning set forth in the SBIC Act.
Private Capital means Private Capital as defined in 13 CFR §107.230

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