Withdrawing Member definition

Withdrawing Member has the meaning set forth in Section 9.2(d).
Withdrawing Member has the meaning set forth in Section 15.1.J(3)(c) hereof.
Withdrawing Member shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1(e).

Examples of Withdrawing Member in a sentence

  • The Withdrawing Member shall the right to share in the Company’s income, gain, losses, deductions, credit or similar items, and to receive distributions from the Company, but not the right to access Company business information or to participate in the Company management, except as required by law.

  • The Withdrawing Member shall not be entitled to a return of the Member’s capital, and may not withdraw contracts or personal guarantees that (s)he may have given.

  • For purposes hereof, the fair market value of a Membership Interest and the nature of the assets to be received will be determined by agreement between a Majority in Membership Interests and the Withdrawing Member.

  • Until the date on which all of the foregoing conditions have been satisfied, the Withdrawing Member shall remain a Member of the Corporation with all of the duties, rights, responsibilities and obligations attendant to membership in the Corporation.

  • The Withdrawing Member Agency shall, prior to the effective date of its withdrawal, pay to TCOMM911 such Member Agency's allocable share of the obligations of TCOMM911, as determined by the Administration Board, which shall include obligations or costs incurred by TCOMM911 as of the date the Member Agency's withdrawal notice is received, including, but not limited to, the debt service obligations, contract obligations and cash financed capital projects of TCOMM91I.

More Definitions of Withdrawing Member

Withdrawing Member means a Member that has given notice of its intent to withdraw from the Agreement pursuant to Section 11.1.
Withdrawing Member shall be a Member that requests the return of their Capital Account from the Company in writing.
Withdrawing Member means a Member subject to a Withdrawal Event.
Withdrawing Member has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 3.2.1(b).
Withdrawing Member. As defined in Section 11.2.
Withdrawing Member has the meaning set forth in Section 11.1(g)(iii)(3).
Withdrawing Member has the meaning set forth in Section 12.6.