AGREE AS FOLLOWS. 1. The Owner, subject to the conditions hereinafter mentioned, hereby leases to the Tenant, who accepts this Lease and the said conditions, those office and warehouse premises described as Unit 152 located at 11782 River Road in the City of Richmond, British Columbia. The premises comprise approximately 2,500 sq. ft. net area (hereinafter referred to as the " Premises" )
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. 1. The Consortium shall grant a right to cite or to refer to the data, studies and summaries, waiving argumentations, reasoning of testing proposals and/or assessments, which are in the legal possession of and submitted by the Consortium Members in support of the registration under the REACH Regulation of [insert Substance Name, EC number, CAS number, IUPAC name] (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Dossier”) and shall provide the information detailed in Annex 1 to the Legal entity. Annex 1 may be amended from time to time as agreed in written and signed by the Parties.
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. Subject to the Licensee’s obligations under clause 3 and the termination provisions in clause 5 of the Schedule, the Managing Trustees permit the Licensee to occupy the Premises for the Permitted Use for the Licence Period during the Permitted Hours in common with the Managing Trustees and all others authorised by the Managing Trustees together with the Rights on the terms and conditions set out in the Schedule. PARTICULARS Building: land and buildings known as (address of church or other building in which the Premises are located) or such reduced or extended area as the Managing Trustees may from time to time designate as comprising the Building. Furniture and Equipment: (please list any furniture or equipment that the Licensee can use). Licence Fee: £ per [hour] OR [week] OR [month] OR [quarter] OR [ ] (other).
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. 1. This Agreement is in reference to permit processing costs for case(s) associated with Project (print project name and APN, if applicable):
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. ARTICLE 1 The preceding recitals are an integral part of this Agreement.
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. 1. In consideration of the Hire Fee described in clause 1.3 below and subject to the Hirer’s obligations under clauses 2 and 4, the Managing Trustees permit the Hirer to use the Premises described in clause 1.4 below for the purposes of the Event described in clause 1.5 below for the Hire Period described in clause 1.6 below.
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. 1. The Employment Contract between the parties will end by mutual consent on December 31, 2010 (the “End Date”), except as otherwise set out below. The termination of the Employment Contract is not based on any urgent reason within the meaning of Section 678 of Book 7 of the Dutch Civil Code [Burgerlijk Wetboek] for which Mr. Fastenau may be blamed. Neither has the employment contract been terminated by Mr. Fastenau or at his request. Mr. Fastenau voluntarily resigns from his appointment as director pursuant to the articles of association of FEI Electron Optics and FEI Electron Optics International B.V. as of the date on which this agreement is signed (“Managing Director Status End Date”). As of the Managing Director Status End Date Mr. Fastenau will no longer serve as an officer or a director of FEI Electron Optics or FEI Electron Optics International B.V. and he will sign the required forms to be removed from the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. On the Managing Director Status End Date, Mr. Fastenau will also resign from his director position he holds as a director of Phenom-World B.V. The FEI group of companies will effectuate the formal removal of directorships Mr. Fastenau holds within the FEI group of companies as of the Managing Director Status End Date. In this respect, Mr. Fastenau will provide all reasonable assistance required for the removal of directorships he holds in the FEI group of companies. This includes the following positions: - Statutory director of FEI Electron Optics B.V. (The Netherlands) - Statutory director of FEI Electron Optics International B.V. (The Netherlands) As from 6 May 2010 and for the duration of Mr. Fastenau’s employment, the stock trading policy that applies to regular employees will apply to Mr. Fastenau and he will no longer be considered an “insider” for purposes of the FEI group insider trading policy.
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. 1. In this Agreement the term ‘RIPE Database’ and ‘RIPE NRTM Database’ shall be understood to mean as defined in the RIPE Database Bulk Access Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: the Terms and Conditions).
AGREE AS FOLLOWS. Definitions and interpretation In this Agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, the following definitions shall apply: