The Board of Governors Sample Clauses

The Board of Governors. (a) Upon the terms and subject to the conditions of this Agreement and the provisions of the GPL, the Partners acknowledge and agree that complete and exclusive power to direct and control the Partnership is delegated hereby to the governing committee of five persons appointed as provided in this Article VI (the "Board of Governors"). The Partnership will be operated on a day to day basis by its officers and employees, governed by the Board of Governors.
The Board of Governors. Xx. Xxxx Xxx Xxxxxxx President (Nominee of AGP) Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Vice President (Nominee of ICMAP) Xx. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Mir Secretary (Nominee of ICAP) Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Treasurer / Joint Secretary (Elected Member) Xx. Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxx Member (Nominee of ICMAP) Xx. Xxxxxx Xxxxx Member (Nominee of ICMAP) Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Member (Nominee of AGP) Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Member (Nominee of AGP) Xx. Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx Member (Elected Memeber) Mr. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Member (Elected Member) Xx. Xxxxx Xxxxx Member (Nominee of ICAP) Mr. Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Member (Nominee of ICAP) STANDING COMMITTEES
The Board of Governors. Amendment June 1984
The Board of Governors. Article Thirty:
The Board of Governors 

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  • Federal Reserve Board Regulations None of the Loan Parties is engaged or will engage, principally or as one of its important activities, in the business of extending credit for the purposes of “purchasing” or “carrying” any “Margin Stock” within the respective meanings of such terms under Regulations U, T and X of the Board. No part of the proceeds of the Loans will be used for “purchasing” or “carrying” “Margin Stock” as so defined for any purpose which violates, or which would be inconsistent with, the provisions of, any applicable laws or regulations of any Governmental Authority (including, without limitation, the Regulations of the Board).