Votes Cast definition

Votes Cast means the aggregate number of shares of Common Stock that are properly voted for or against any action to be taken by stockholders, excluding any shares if the holder of such shares is contractually required to vote in proportion of the total number of votes cast pursuant to this Agreement or any Transferee Agreement executed hereunder.
Votes Cast means affirmative and negative votes.
Votes Cast means any “for” or “withheld” votes with respect to a director’s election, excluding any failures to vote, defective votes or broker non-votes with respect to that director’s election.

Examples of Votes Cast in a sentence

  • Consider approving the Abstracts of Votes Cast in the November 2, 2010 General Election and spreading same upon the minutes of this meeting.Motion was made by Mr. Tankard, seconded by Mr. Long that the Consent Agenda be approved in its entirety.

  • In the event that a sufficient number of the Board members did not receive a Majority of the Votes Cast in the same election, such that the Board no longer has a quorum, then such directors who did not receive a Majority of the Votes Cast shall not be permitted to vote in any Board meeting at which his or her resignation offer is considered, but he or she shall be counted for the purpose of determining whether the Board has a quorum.

  • If a nominee for election as director in an Uncontested Election does not receive the vote of at least the Majority of the Votes Cast at any meeting for the election of directors at which a quorum has been confirmed, the director, duly elected in accordance with the requirements of the articles and by-laws of the Company, shall nonetheless immediately tender his or her resignation from the Board to the Board following said election.

  • APPENDIX B – Details of Votes Cast Against Management RecommendationsFull details of other voting activity are available to clients on request.

  • The Board has, in light of TSX policies and best practice standards in Canada and the United States, unanimously adopted this statement of policy providing that director-nominees for election (or re-election) to the Board should receive at least the Majority of the Votes Cast in an Uncontested Election to be eligible to hold a position (or continue to hold a position) on the Board.

More Definitions of Votes Cast

Votes Cast means votes by a show of hands or valid votes that are submitted in a secret ballot of Members present and entitled to vote at a meeting of BADMINTON OCEANIA. Blank voting slips, blank pieces of paper and void voting slips shall not be
Votes Cast means the total of valid votes;
Votes Cast means the total of valid votes and spoiled votes;
Votes Cast means votes “for” that director’s election plus votes “against” or to withhold authority with respect to that director’s election.”
Votes Cast means with respect to that Director's election all votes express in favor or to withhold authority, but shall exclude abstentions and failures to vote with respect to that Director's election.
Votes Cast means votes for or against or in the case of an election, votes for a specific candidate duly nominated. Abstentions or defective ballots are not counted as "votes cast".
Votes Cast means the sum of the Affirmative Votes and the Negative Votes of the Eligible Voting Affected Creditors present at the CreditorsMeeting in person or by Proxy. SCHEDULE “B”to the Third Amended and Restated Plan of Arrangement of JED Oil Inc., JED Production Inc. and JED Oil (USA) Inc. pursuant to the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (Canada) and the Business Corporations Act (Alberta) ARTICLES OF REORGANIZATION (See Attached) Schedule “B”Page 1 ALBERTA