DEPOSIT OF Sample Clauses

DEPOSIT OF. FUND ASSETS WITH THE UNDERLYING TRANSFER AGENT. Underlying Shares beneficially owned by the Fund, on behalf of a Portfolio, shall be deposited and/or maintained in an account or accounts maintained with an Underlying Transfer Agent and the Custodian’s only responsibilities with respect thereto shall be limited to the following:
DEPOSIT OF. 02/Ton for the cultivation and harvest of replacement seed of native species for use on future contracts. For contracts in Oregon, the seed shall meet the State certification specifications. Seed must be packaged in containers carrying official certification labels sewn in, glued to, or printed upon the container, with the following information:
DEPOSIT OF. STOCK WITH THE SELLER'S REPRESENTATIVE. Each Seller agrees that he, she or it shall have deposited on or prior to the Closing Date of with the Seller's Representative certificates representing the Shares owned by such Seller. The Seller's Representative shall hold the certificates representing the Shares deposited with it pursuant to this Section until the Closing Date, and on the Closing Date, the Seller's Representative shall deliver such certificates in accordance with Section 2.02. In the event that this Agreement is terminated prior to the Closing, the Seller's Representative shall return the respective certificates for the Shares to the Sellers.

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  • Deposit of Funds Before 11:00 A.M., New York City time, on each Redemption Date, Fundamental Change Repurchase Date or Interest Payment Date, and on the Maturity Date or any other date on which any cash amount is due on the Notes, the Company will deposit, or will cause there to be deposited, with the Paying Agent cash, in funds immediately available on such date, sufficient to pay the cash amount due on the applicable Notes on such date. The Paying Agent will return to the Company, as soon as practicable, any money not required for such purpose.

  • DEPOSIT OF ITEMS You may make deposits to Your Account using any method available from Us, including deposits in person, by mail or electronic means. We have the right to refuse to accept any check or instrument for deposit at Our sole discretion. If You deposit an item and it is returned unpaid, We will debit Your Account for the amount of the item and charge You a fee. You will be liable to Us for the amount of any item You deposit which is returned unpaid, and in addition, will be responsible for any of Our costs and expenses incurred in the collection of such returned item from You, including reasonable attorneys' fees. Subject to Our Funds Availability Policy, You may not be able to withdraw funds from Your Account until We have received final settlement for any items deposited. If You make a deposit on a Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday, or after Our predetermined cut-off hour on business days, the deposit will be credited to Your Account as of the next business day.

  • Deposit of Collections The Borrower shall promptly (but in no event later than two Business Days after receipt) deposit or cause to be deposited into the Collection Account any and all Available Collections received by the Borrower, the Servicer or any of their Affiliates.

  • Deposit of Proceeds Subject to Section 4(b), any interest, cash dividends or other cash distributions received in respect of any Investments and the net proceeds of any sale or payment of any Investments shall be promptly credited to, and held for the credit of the Reserve Account, and any distribution of property other than cash in respect of any Investment shall be credited to, and held for the credit of, the Reserve Account.

  • Deposit of Shares Subject to the terms and conditions of this Deposit Agreement, Shares or evidence of rights to receive Shares may be deposited by delivery thereof to any Custodian hereunder, accompanied by any appropriate instruments or instructions for transfer, or endorsement, in form satisfactory to the Custodian, together with all such certifications as may be required by the Depositary or the Custodian in accordance with the provisions of this Deposit Agreement, and, if the Depositary requires, together with a written order directing the Depositary to deliver to, or upon the written order of, the person or persons stated in such order, the number of American Depositary Shares representing such deposit. No Share shall be accepted for deposit unless accompanied by evidence satisfactory to the Depositary that any necessary approval has been granted by any governmental body in each applicable jurisdiction that is then performing the function of the regulation of currency exchange. If required by the Depositary, Shares presented for deposit at any time, whether or not the transfer books of the Company or the Foreign Registrar, if applicable, are closed, shall also be accompanied by an agreement or assignment, or other instrument satisfactory to the Depositary, which will provide for the prompt transfer to the Custodian of any dividend, or right to subscribe for additional Shares or to receive other property which any person in whose name the Shares are or have been recorded may thereafter receive upon or in respect of such deposited Shares, or in lieu thereof, such agreement of indemnity or other agreement as shall be satisfactory to the Depositary. At the request and risk and expense of any person proposing to deposit Shares, and for the account of such person, the Depositary may receive certificates for Shares to be deposited, together with the other instruments herein specified, for the purpose of forwarding such Share certificates to the Custodian for deposit hereunder. Upon each delivery to a Custodian of a certificate or certificates for Shares to be deposited hereunder, together with the other documents specified above, such Custodian shall, as soon as transfer and recordation can be accomplished, present such certificate or certificates to the Company or the Foreign Registrar, if applicable, for transfer and recordation of the Shares being deposited in the name of the Depositary or its nominee or such Custodian or its nominee. Deposited Securities shall be held by the Depositary or by a Custodian for the account and to the order of the Depositary or at such other place or places as the Depositary shall determine.

  • Deposit A deposit totaling 35% of the agreed upon Total Amount is due with acceptance of rental agreement. Payment of deposit shall be deemed as acceptance of this rental agreement. Payment may be made by traveler's checks, bank money order, wire transfer, or certified check or major credit card. Personal checks will be accepted upon approval; if funds are not credited within Ten days booking will be cancelled. The deposit amount is $_DepositAmount_.

  • Deposit of Documents The Trustee may appoint as custodian, on any terms, any bank or entity whose business includes the safe custody of documents or any lawyer or firm of lawyers believed by it to be of good repute and may deposit this Trust Deed and any other documents with such custodian and pay all sums due in respect thereof. The Trustee is not obliged to appoint a custodian of securities payable to bearer.

  • Deposits into Escrow Account The Concessionaire shall deposit or cause to be deposited the following inflows and receipts into the Escrow Account:

  • Deposit of Escrow Funds By its execution hereof, Recipient acknowledges that the deposit of the Escrow Funds into escrow with Escrow Agent does not confer any rights or claims to the Escrow Funds by Recipient unless all of the conditions in Section 2 above and the conditions as set forth in the Grant Agreement, have been satisfied.

  • DEPOSIT OF FUNDS REQUIREMENTS Funds may be deposited to any account, in any manner approved by the Credit Union in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Truth-in-Savings Disclosure. Deposits made by mail, at night depositories, or at unstaffed facilities are not our responsibility until we receive them. We reserve the right to refuse or to return any deposit.