Duly authorized representative definition

Duly authorized representative shall include any person or persons acting within the limits of his or her authority.
Duly authorized representative means any person autho- rized in writing by the veteran to act for the veteran, the veteran’s guardian if the veteran is adjudicated incompetent, or a legal rep- resentative if the veteran is deceased. Where for proper reason no representative has been or will be appointed, the veteran’s spouse, an adult child, or, if the veteran is unmarried, either parent of the veteran shall be recognized as the duly authorized representative.
Duly authorized representative means members of regular constituted committees and/or officers of the Union -- a list of which is to be supplied to the Director of Personnel.

Examples of Duly authorized representative in a sentence

  • Duly authorized representative of the Consultant firm will provide a notarized certification on a form pursuant to Department’s procedures.

  • Duly authorized representative of the Consultant firm will provide a notarized certification on a form pursuant to the Department’s procedures.

  • If you answered “No” to all three questions, please submit this form, signed by the Duly authorized representative, with your application and any appropriate supporting documents.

  • Duly authorized representative of the tenderer must also duly sign it.

  • Duly authorized representative of the Applicant(s) shall sign on each page of the document.

More Definitions of Duly authorized representative

Duly authorized representative means, for the purpose of underground injection well applications, that person or position having a responsibility for the underground injection well.
Duly authorized representative means somebody who speaks, acts or votes on behalf of others. For the purposes of this stormwater general permit, the duly authorized representative either 1) has operational control over the facility; or 2) has the day-to-day operational control of those activities at the facility necessary to ensure compliance.
Duly authorized representative means a person who is authorized to sign a document to be submitted to the Land Quality Division as part of the official record regarding an in situ mining permit or Research and Development Testing License. A person shall qualify for this title only if:
Duly authorized representative means any person or persons or board (other than the Contracting Officer) authorized in writing to act for the District.
Duly authorized representative means an agent of the private provider identified in the permit application who reviews plans or performs inspections as provided by this section and who is licensed as an engineer under chapter 471 or as an architect under chapter 481 or who holds a standard certificate under part XII of chapter 468.
Duly authorized representative means the employee or agent of Consultant that Consultant directs Customer to identify in the permit application to perform the PPI Services.
Duly authorized representative means a specific individual or a position having responsibility for the over- all operation of the regulated facility or activity. The authorization shall be made in writing by a responsible cor-porate officer and shall be submitted to the administrator.