Written Warning Sample Clauses

Written Warning. If the employee again commits the same or similar violation within the specified period (or possibly an unrelated infraction), the employee will be given a written warning which will be placed on his/her personnel file. The employee will be told that if any further misconduct occurs, the employee will be disciplined again, more severely.
Written Warning. If a problem recurs after counselling and a verbal warning, the Employee’s supervisor will discuss it with the Employee again and put a formal written warning in the Employee’s file. The consequences of further recurrence will be explained to the Employee.
Written Warning. 12.1 If the Authorised User does not comply with any term of this User Agreement and MedCo is satisfied that a written warning is appropriate, MedCo will issue a written warning to the Authorised User setting out the action that the Authorised User is required to take to resolve the issue
Written Warning. Subject to section above, written warnings shall not be used unless the unit member has been verbally warned about similar actions within the last twelve (12) months. Written warnings shall not be placed in the unit member's file.
Written Warning. Subject to 25.2.1 above, written warnings will not be used unless the unit member has been verbally warned about similar actions within the last four
Written Warning. Written warnings consist of a discussion between the employee and a supervisor in which the supervisor explains in detail the reasons for the warning and then provides a written disciplinary notice to the employee of the action required to correct the unsatisfactory performance, the time allowed for improvement and the consequences, including dismissal, for future violations or failure to improve.
Written Warning. A document issued to the unit member that identifies the cause for discipline, the specific acts of inadequate performance/misconduct giving rise to the discipline, the expected remedies and a reasonable and specific time frame by which improvement is expected. This is the next level of discipline. The written warning is a form of communication between the supervisor and the unit member. This warning is not placed in the personnel file.
Written Warning. A full-time employee whose services are unsatisfactory shall be given a written warning in the presence of a Shop Xxxxxxx and a copy of the written warning will be forwarded to the Union Office. The Union will be notified of the issuing of such a warning (Article 13.3) forty-eight (48) hours (two (2) working days) in advance of the warning being given to the employee. If the employee is unavailable for this disciplinary meeting, the USSU will notify the employee and the Union of the reprimand in writing. From the date the Written Warning is given, the full-time employee shall be given a period of thirty (30) calendar days in which to achieve a satisfactory standard. The Union has the right to investigate from the date this Warning is given. From the expiration of the thirty (30) day period, the USSU shall have seven (7) calendar days in which to consider the full-time employee's standard of performance during the trial period. The full-time employee shall, within the seven (7) day period, receive notice in writing with a copy to the Union, that either:
Written Warning. Subject to 29.5.a. above, a Written Warning will not be used unless the Unit Member has been verbally counseled/warned for a separate and similar action or infraction. A Written Warning shall not be placed in a Unit Member’s file, but may be attached to a Written Reprimand and placed in the personnel file if additional steps of the progressive disciplinary process are utilized.
Written Warning. Given by the supervisor with agreement of the Department Head or next higher level of authority. The notice shall clearly state all the reasons for the warning. One copy of the written warning shall be given to the employee, one copy supplied to a Union representative, and one copy shall be placed in the employee’s personnel file.