Classified Sample Clauses

Classified administrative or professional employee absences that extend beyond five days due to a death in the family will be charged to the employee's sick leave up to an additional 10 days. Licensed teacher employee absences that extend beyond five days due to a death in the family will be charged to the employee’s PTO up to an additional ten days. If no PTO is available, then the absence will be charged to accrued sick leave. The combination of PTO and accrued sick leave cannot exceed an additional 10 days. For any absence that extends beyond 15 days, an employee must request and be approved for a leave of absence under district policy (Family Leave of Absence 13.13; Medical Leave of Absence 13.15; or Extended Leave of Absence 13.17). Adopted: 11/92 Revised: 05/96 Revised: 07/00 Revised: 07/04 Revised: 07/05 Revised: 08/07 Revised: 05/08 Revised: 05/13 Revised: 05/14 Revised: 04/15 Revised: 05/17 Revised: 05/18 13.12 JURY DUTY/WITNESS LEAVE TIME
Classified. AV Service Supervisor 1; Accountant 2, 3; Administrative Assistant 1 – those who were exempt as of February 1, 2002 will remain exempt; all positions added after that date will be bargaining unit eligible; Administrative Assistant 2 – those who were in the bargaining unit as of February 1, 2002 will remain in the bargaining unit; Administrative Assistant 3 – those who were in the bargaining unit as of February 1, 2002 will remain in the bargaining unit; Administrative Secretary 2 – Grants; Building Maintenance Superintendent 1; Data Entry Supervisor 2; Fiscal Officer 1, 2; Fiscal Officer 3; Housekeeping Manager 1, 2; Library Associate 2; Mail Center Supervisor; Office Manager 1, 2; Sales Manager 4; Storekeeper 2, 3; Secretary 1 (One each in each of the following) - the two employees who hold this position in the following departments will remain exempt; there will be no other exempt positions for Secretary 1s in these or any other departments after February 1, 2002; Respiratory Therapy; Secretary 2 (One each in the following departments except as indicated) – the employee who holds this position in the following department will remain exempt; when the position becomes vacant it will become bargaining unit eligible; Nursing Services Administration; Plant Operations & Maintenance; Hospital Administration – one clerical/administrative support position regardless of classification; President’s Office – one clerical/administrative support position regardless of classification; Provost’s Office – one clerical/administrative support position regardless of classification
Classified. In each classified employeeswork classification a recall list shall be prepared with employees listed by seniority. The most senior employee shall be called back first, then next most senior second, and so forth. The Association shall receive a copy of these lists. A classified employee whose contract is suspended shall be placed on a recall list for two (2) years and maintain rights as defined below.
Classified. Electronic composition of classified advertising pages, or a portion of such pages as required under an electronic composition system or make-up terminal, may be performed by classified advertising employees. The operation of VDTs, OCRs or similar systems for the purpose of inputting all liner and semi-display classified advertisements shall be performed by classified or, in those sites where it has been past practice, other Unionized staff. Receptionists, who are not members of the bargaining unit, will become Union members if they take classified ads on a regular basis. Classified employees may recall all classified information for correction, addition or deletion. Any camera-ready or electronic material including that which arrives by modem, disc, CD-ROM, digital camera or any other method, will be received by unionized staff. The unionized staff will verify that the ad is production-ready and in consultation with the client/ad staff, make the necessary revisions. In the event that the use of camera-ready copy or electronic material increases during the life of this Agreement to the extent that it becomes necessary to reduce a full-time or part-time regular employee (excluding substitutes and casuals), the tech change provisions of the agreement will apply.
Classified. An employee will attain permanent status in the classified service upon completion of a probationary review period.
Classified employees shall attend a minimum of two in-service meetings per calendar year, when such meetings, designed to help improve the efficiency or ease of the work, are offered in either the field of present work of the individual employee or in a field of work to which said individual employee might reasonably aspire. Such meetings may be scheduled during the regular working hours of the employee, but it shall not be a requirement that such meetings be held during the employee’s assigned working hours. No employee will be required to attend an in-service meeting during his/her vacation or holidays.
Classified unit members may apply for District staff development funds to attend classes, conferences, and other training offerings. Such application must be submitted to the immediate supervisor at least one month before commencement of the staff development activity. The application must include the proposed costs and a complete description of the activity, including a statement how the activity meets the criteria listed in subsection The District will inform the unit member of the acceptance or denial of the application within one week following the receipt from the immediate supervisor.
Classified. (a) Go to junior classified on that shift, in that department (where layoff is) – they become “heavy” or general.