Nursing services definition

Nursing services means health care services provided to a patient by a registered professional nurse or a licensed practical nurse under the direction of a licensed professional within the scope of practice as defined by state law.
Nursing services means the provision of individual-specific advice, plans, or interventions by a nurse, at a home, based on the nursing process as outlined by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. Nursing services differ from administrative nursing services.
Nursing services means those services which may be rendered by a person licensed pursuant to Articles I and 2 of Chapter 26 of Title 43 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.

Examples of Nursing services in a sentence

Guidance: Nursing services may include nurse practitioner services, nurse midwife services, advanced practice nurse services, private duty nursing care, pediatric nurse services, and respiratory care services in a home, school or other setting.

Private Duty Nursing services are provided by a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse under the direction of the beneficiary’s physician.

Nursing services for pupils in grades K-12 who are enrolled full time in the nonpublic school.

More Definitions of Nursing services

Nursing services means the same as in A.R.S. § 36-401.
Nursing services means those services that pertain to the curative, restorative and preventive aspects of nursing care and that are performed at the direction of a physician by or under the supervision of a registered nurse licensed in this state.
Nursing services means services that are provided by a registered nurse (RN) or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) within the scope of practice as defined in OAR 851- 045-0060.
Nursing services means services provided by professional nurses licensed pursuant to Title 32, section 2102, subsection 2. It includes coordination and oversight of resident care services provided by unlicensed health care assistive personnel.
Nursing services means the patient care performed or supervised by a registered nurse according to a plan of care.
Nursing services means patient care services pertaining to the curative, palliative, restorative, or preventive aspects of nursing that are prepared or supervised by a registered nurse.
Nursing services means the services to be performed by Nurses assigned to this Agreement by Contractor, as more specifically described in this Agreement, including the Scope of Wok attached hereto as Exhibit A.