Bulletin Sample Clauses

Bulletin. Written or graphic material issued after the award of the contract that clarifies, corrects, or proposes a change in any of the component parts of the Contract Documents.
Bulletin. Boards OC shall provide bulletin board facilities for the use of the Union; the locations shall be determined by mutual agreement.
Bulletin. Boards GSEU shall be permitted to post notices of its activities and matters of GSEU concern on one bulletin board in each building where graduate and teaching assistants work. Such bulletin boards shall be provided by GSEU at its expense and installed by the campus at a reasonable charge. At campuses where fifty or more graduate and teaching assistants work, the State shall provide and install one campus bulletin board for GSEU use. Bulletin board material shall be signed by a designated campus official of GSEU. No material shall be posted which is obscene, profane, derogatory of any person or organization, or which constitutes election campaign material for or against any person, organization, or faction thereof, except that election material relating to internal GSEU elections may be posted on such bulletin boards. Posting of leaflets pertaining to activities and matters of GSEU concern shall be limited to bulletin boards designated specifically for GSEU use. Any bulletin board materials objected to by the State or its representatives as being inconsistent with the authorization provided in this Article shall be promptly removed. Within ten working days after such removal, the GSEU Business Agent shall be provided with a written statement of the reasons. GSEU shall provide a designated campus official with a key for any secured bulletin board.
Bulletin. Boards The Hospital shall provide to nurses a reserved section of 2 the main employee bulletin board for their exclusive use for Association business. In 3 addition, the Association may contact the Unit Managers for permission to post a notice 4 of official Association business on a unit bulletin board and such permission will not be 5 unreasonably refused. The Association will be responsible to see that such notices are 6 removed from the bulletin boards when they have served their purpose.
Bulletin. If for any reason this series is not available, the interest rate will be based on a comparable series. Equitable may at any time substitute a bond of different maturity for the five-year Treasury bond referred to in this subsection, provided that (i) any such change will apply only to Contracts which begin participation after such change, and (ii) such change will be made by advance written notice to the applicable Employer and Participant. In such event, the references in this subsection to "five years" and "quinquennial anniversary" will be deemed to have been correspondingly changed.
Bulletin. Boards The use of designated bulletin boards, or sections thereof, for the purpose of giving notice of Association activities, however, that in no event shall controversial matter or anything derogatory to the Employer or any Employee be placed or be allowed to remain on such bulletin boards. No Association materials of any kind shall be displayed on or about the physical facilities of the Employer except on designated bulletin boards. The Association may use intra-district mail services to distribute Association materials provided such materials are signed by an Association officer.
Bulletin. Boards The use of designated bulletin boards, or sections thereof, for the purpose of posting Union materials. All materials shall bear the name of the Union and the name of the person authorizing the posting thereof. No Union materials of any kind shall be displayed on or about the physical facilities of the Employer except on the designated bulletin boards and no displayed material shall be derogatory to the Employer or to any employee. The Union shall save and hold the Employer harmless from any and all expense or liability whatsoever arising out of the preparation and/or use of any such materials.
Bulletin. Boards The Employer shall provide bulletin board space for the use of the OPBA. OPBA officials shall be responsible for posting and/or approving the posting of notices thereon which employees may read when reporting to or leaving their workstations, or during their free time. The OPBA agrees that notices shall be OPBA related and no notices will be placed on the bulletin board, which contain: