Full Agreement Sample Clauses

Full Agreement. The Contract Documents supersede all prior negotiations, discussion, statements, and agreements between Owner and Contractor and constitute the full, complete, and entire agreement between Owner and Contractor. There can be no changes to this Contract by oral means, nor by course of conduct of the parties, nor by custom of the trade. No changes to this Contract will be binding on either party hereto unless such change is properly authorized, in writing, in accordance with Section 3, Part 2 of the General Conditions.
Full Agreement. It is understood this Agreement represents a complete and final understanding on all negotiable issues between VTA and the Association. This Agreement supersedes all previous Memoranda of Understanding or Memoranda of Agreement between VTA and the Association except as specifically referred to in this Agreement. All Policies and Procedures or rules covering any practice, subject or matter not specifically referred to in this Agreement shall not be superseded, modified or repealed by implication or otherwise by the provisions hereof. The parties, for the term of this Agreement, voluntarily and unqualifiedly agree to waive the obligation to negotiate with respect to any practice, subject or matter not specifically referred to or covered in this Agreement even though such practice, subject or matter may not have been within the knowledge of the parties at the time this Agreement was negotiated and signed. In the event any new practice, subject or matter arises during the term of this Agreement and an action is proposed by VTA, the Association shall be afforded all possible notice and shall have the right to meet and discuss upon request. In the absence of agreement on such a proposed action, VTA reserves the right to take necessary action by management direction.
Full Agreement. This Agreement represents the entire agreement of the parties hereto and no prior or subsequent oral agreements shall be binding upon either of the parties until reduced to writing.
Full Agreement. This Agreement contains the full agreement between you and the Released Parties as to your employment with the Company or termination thereof and may not be modified, altered, or changed in any way except by written agreement signed by both parties. The parties agree that this Agreement supersedes and terminates any and all other written and oral agreements and understandings between the parties as to your employment with the Company or termination thereof. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you have previously signed an agreement or agreements with the Company containing confidentiality, trade secret, noncompetition, nonsolicitation, intellectual property, return of property, and/or similar provisions your obligations under such agreement(s) (including, without limitation, under Section 9 of your Employment Agreement) shall continue in full force and effect according to their terms and will survive the termination of your employment.
Full Agreement. It is agreed and understood by the parties hereto that this Agreement represents the full Agreement between said parties to date on all matters negotiated in accordance with Section 6-408 of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and that this Agreement shall be given full force and effect by said parties for the entire term thereof.
Full Agreement. This Agreement amends, restates and supersedes the Prior Agreement and all other consulting and employment arrangements between the Employee and the Company, but shall not supersede any existing confidentiality, nondisclosure, invention assignment or non-compete agreement between the Employee and the Company. Except as set forth in the preceding sentence, this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties concerning its subject matter and supersedes all other oral or written understandings, discussions, and agreements, and may be modified only in a writing signed by both parties. The parties acknowledge that they have read and fully understand the contents of this Agreement and execute it after having an opportunity to consult with legal counsel.
Full Agreement. The parties have read this Lease. It contains their full agreement. It may not be changed except in writing signed by the Landlord and the Tenant.
Full Agreement. The Agreement represents full and complete agreement of the Parties and replaces all prior agreements or understandings. For the avoidance of doubts, the Parties explicitly agreed that for the purposes of provision and use of the Software under this Agreement, no terms published on the Provider’s web site are binding, unless expressly referred to in this Agreement.
Full Agreement. This Memorandum of Understanding contains all the covenants, stipulations and provisions agreed by the parties. It is understood that all items relating to employee wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment not covered by this Memorandum of Understanding shall remain the same for the term of this Memorandum of Understanding. Therefore, except by mutual agreement of the parties or as specifically provided otherwise herein, for the life of the Memorandum of Understanding, neither party shall be compelled to bargain with the other concerning any mandatory bargaining issue whether or not the issue was specifically bargained prior to the execution of the Memorandum of Understanding. The County and Association may agree to additional Memorandum of Understanding changes (non-economic) during the term of this agreement by mutual agreement.