Quotation Sample Clauses

Quotation. The Common Shares have been approved for inclusion on the Nasdaq National Market, subject only to official notice of issuance.
Quotation. 8.1 Where a quotation is given by Metalcraft for Products and Services:
Quotation. So long as a Purchaser owns any of the Securities or Underlying Shares, the Company will use its reasonable efforts to maintain the quotation of its Common Stock on the OTCQB or OTCQX, each as administered by OTC Markets Group or, in lieu thereof, on a national securities exchange and will comply in all material respects with the Company’s reporting, filing and other obligations under the rules of any such market or exchange, as applicable.
Quotation. As long as any Subscriber owns Securities, the Company shall use its best efforts to maintain eligibility for the Company’s Common Stock on the OTCBB, OTCQB or a national securities exchange.
Quotation. 2.1 In his quotation, Supplier has to closely adhere to the inquiry and in case of deviations, he has to expressly point these out.
Quotation i. The IA shall assess the CCN and complete Part B of the CCN, in completing the Part B of the CCN the IA shall provide as a minimum:
Quotation. Unless otherwise indicated on the quote, written quotations by Seller shall expire automatically ninety (90) days after the date appearing on the quotation unless Seller receives and accepts Buyer’s order within that period. Prior to the expiration date any quotation is subject to change by Seller at any time upon written notice to buyer.