Bloomberg Sample Clauses

Bloomberg. As soon as practicable after the Closing Date, the Trustee or the Certificate Administrator, if any, will arrange with Bloomberg to have the Depositor set up on Bloomberg to provide the information set forth on Exhibit Q (the "Data") with respect to the Loans on a monthly basis in a format acceptable to Bloomberg and acceptable to the Underwriters. During the term of this Agreement, the Trustee will provide updated Data to Bloomberg on or before each Distribution Date.
Bloomberg. (A) “Iss’d Under 144A/3c7”, to be stated in the “Note Box” on the bottom of the “Security Displaypage describing the Global Notes;
Bloomberg. The Company agrees to request that the Placement Agent deliver a term sheet containing the material terms of the Subordinated Notes to Bloomberg. 
Bloomberg. The Trustee shall use its reasonable best efforts to, directly or through the Manager (pursuant to the Management Agreement) or another agent (i) make a copy of this Trust Agreement available via Bloomberg and (ii) assist in having the CUSIP numbers posted to Bloomberg.
Bloomberg. (i) The Issuer shall maintain on the systems of Bloomberg Financial Markets Commodities News (“Bloomberg”) the “Section 3(c)(7)” and “Rule 144Aindicators in place on or about the Closing Date. The Issuer agrees not to change or delete any such indicators, except to the extent that the Issuer is advised by counsel that such indicators may be changed or deleted without adversely affecting the ability of the Issuer to rely on such exception;
Bloomberg. Any investor that is invited to purchase Sale Shares will be notified in the Bloomberg for the Sale that they will make deemed representations and warranties regarding:
Bloomberg. The Operating Partnership shall use its commercially reasonable efforts to cooperate with Teachers in modeling and making the Notes available on the online financial service provided by Bloomberg, L.P. within 30 days.