BENEFIT FUND Sample Clauses

BENEFIT FUND. The Trustees are authorized and directed to establish a study committee to review the legality, feasibility and desirability of setting up and maintaining an employee funded Section 125 Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If an FSA is determined to be legal, feasible and desirable in this context, the Trustees are further authorized and directed to establish such an arrangement and offer it to employees covered by this Agreement; provided that the FSA shall not be offered to employees of any Employer who is unwilling or unable to permit employee participation in the FSA.
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BENEFIT FUND. 1. The Employer and Unions agree to continue the existing United Food and Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Benefit Fund (the “Benefit Fund”). The Benefit Fund will continue to provide health and welfare benefits that are consistent with the terms and limitations of this Agreement.
BENEFIT FUND. 1. The existing Health and Welfare Trust Fund known as the Southern California Drug Benefit Fund (hereinafter “Benefit Fund”) shall be continued, as modified herein.
BENEFIT FUND. 1. The Employer shall continue to contribute to the 1199 National Benefit Fund for Health and Human Service Employees (“NBF” or “Fund”) in an amount equal to the percentage as specified in Article XXIII, paragraph 5(c), multiplied by the gross payroll of the Employees for the preceding month exclusive of amounts earned by the Employees during the first two (2) months following the beginning of their employment, reduced by contribution credits, if any, approved by the NBF Trustees. Such payments shall be used by the Trustees of the Benefit Fund for the purpose of providing the Employees with social benefits, e.g., medical benefits, disability benefits, death benefits and hospital benefits as the Trustees of the said Fund may from time to time determine. For the life of the Agreement, the Employer shall continue to contribute to the National Benefit Fund at the Required Contribution Rates (RCR) set by the Funds’ Trustees. Effective as of the following dates the NBF required contribution rate (NBF URR) shall be increased to the following corresponding percentages of gross payroll: Effective Dates Contribution Percentage October 1, 2018 31.84% October 1, 2019 33.31% October 1, 2020 34.72%
BENEFIT FUND. The Employer shall continue to contribute an amount equal to 75% of the hourly contribution rate applicable to employees under the master industry agreement for straight time hours worked.
BENEFIT FUND. On each of September 1, 2018 and September 1, 2019, Effective September 1, 2021, and every 12 months thereafter, the Employer agrees to contribute will provide to CUPE 3903 a total amount of $220,000 to assist CUPE 3903 to fund and administer its own plan or arrangement for benefits not covered by the collective agreement. Allocations from the Fund will be made by the Union. An Annual Report on the disbursement of monies shall be submitted in writing by the Union to the Office of Faculty Relations through the Labour/Management Committee by no later than September 30th of each yea
BENEFIT FUND. 1. Benefit for Employees Hired Prior to September 19, 2011. Effective with January 2015 hours worked (payable in February) for health and welfare coverage beginning January 1, 2015, the Employer shall contribute $4.42 per hour to the Southern California United Food and Commercial Workers Unions and Food Employers Benefit Fund (“Food Trust”) on behalf of those pharmacists hired prior to September 19, 2011. The Employer and the Union further agree that when those pharmacists are moved to the Food Trust (on January 1, 2015), they will be put in the Platinum Plus Plan and the parties will work to make the move to the Food Trust as smooth as possible. Effective with January 2015 hours worked, the Employers are authorized to deduct employee premiums at the Food Trust rates from Employee paychecks using the same family size as was authorized in the 2019 – 2022 Master Food contract, and to pay such amounts to the Food Trust. The Employers’ former pharmacists enrolled in the retiree health and welfare plan of the Drug Fund will be transferred to the retiree plan of the Food Trust effective January 1, 2015. The Food Trust will also recognize all years of service earned by pharmacists employed by an Employer under the Drug Fund in determining the eligibility of pharmacists who apply in the future for retiree health and welfare benefits under the Food Trust. The Employer and the Union agree to provide the benefits set forth in Article 15, Section A.4 of the Retail Food, Meat, Bakery, Candy and General Merchandise Agreement between UFCW Unions Locals 135, 324, 770, 1167, 1428, 1442, & 8-GS and Albertsons, LLC, Ralphs Grocery Company and The Vons Companies.
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BENEFIT FUND. The Parties hereto agree to a Benefit Fund as follows:
BENEFIT FUND. The Association has the right to reopen negotiations on the establishment of a benefit fund. It is understood that the cost to the Board shall not exceed the cost of providing current benefits in the year(s) that the benefit fund would operate.
BENEFIT FUND. Paid in full by the College for each job share participant.
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